10 Simple Hacks That Will Give You Instant Website Traffic

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How fast is your website growing at the moment? If it’s not fast enough, and you are struggling with low conversion rates, there is a problem. You need the right hacks that generate instant website traffic.

Getting more website traffic is perhaps the most essential task you should be working on right now. Because once you get tons of qualified people to your site, everything else improves — email sign-ups, content shares, interactions on your website, and ROI.

Today, I’m about to share 10 tactics to get traffic fast. The best part is that these instant website traffic hacks are

101 Marketing Power Words That Will Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

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Words are like a painting.

Your choice of words and the manner by which you use them elicit a unique reaction among your audiences, as a color palette and painting style would.

What I’m trying to say is that your landing page copy matters. Examine a piece of successful marketing copy, and you will realize that one word or two makes all the difference.

Words that transform a copy from “blah” to “brilliant” are called marketing power words.

For any person who seeks to drive an audience further down his sales funnel, business power words on a landing page offer

How to Generate Tons of Leads [17 Viral Marketing Ideas]

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Dropbox. Uber. Airbnb. Evernote.

Ever wonder how these successful brands grew from 0 to millions of users?

Here’s the answer.

These brands don’t have magical powers. But they’re smart enough to know that to forever grow their tribe, they need to craft the best message that’ll spread like wildfire.

I’m talking about viral marketing.

They execute viral marketing using these three fundamental steps:

1: Offer an incentive that’s irresistible

2: Give people the chance to win your incentive by referring their friends

3: Repeat the entire process

A viral marketing campaign is also the perfect means of increasing

How to Build an Email List Without a Website Yet (Step-by-Step Process)

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Have you ever stopped to think why some marketers get to build a massive email list even without a website?

…or while others can’t acquire at least ten people to sign-up despite having set-up everything?

The answer is simple. Successful email list builders do three things:

  • Offer a great lead magnet (freebie, free offer, or opt-in bribe)
  • Use a proven “viral” formula
  • Promote their free stuff to other places

Next, they incorporate these three tactics into a proven process which we’ll dive into today. I’ll share the process in a while in 5 steps.

But first, you need

10 Social Media Posts that went Viral (and spread like wildfire)

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So you want to go viral. Going viral means that your message has “infected” or made an impact on a lot of people. As a result, it gets shared over and over again.

Hands down, social media is the BEST place to go viral. The fact that people are closely connected on Facebook or Twitter makes sharing a breeze.

Put out content that resonates with their hearts and the next thing you know, it becomes a hit.

Now, the biggest question: How do you actually go viral?

I have to be honest with you… there is NO ONE ANSWER to

How to Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to Increase Social Engagement

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How about being the odd one out? That’s probably one of the most nagging feelings.

Your friends went out to the movies without you. There’s a new fashion trend circulating on social media and you’re thinking of jumping in. Your favorite brand has just launched a giveaway. Everyone in your class is crazy about this new mobile game.  You’re not really into gaming, but you’re curious!  

FOMO stands for the fear of missing out. It’s a psychological phenomenon in which a person feels left out because he missed out on something interesting.

We’re hardwired to belong. Social media intensifies

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Embrace Failure

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Failure is inevitable. It’s a part of life, and entrepreneurs in particular experience a huge amount of it. It’s difficult to stay positive when in the face of failure…

But I’m here to tell you why you should be celebrating them instead of feeling down about it. 🙂

Every entrepreneur has encountered some sort of failure and will continue to do so for as long as they are entrepreneurs. Expect that you will fail a lot of times… because it’s only with failure that you actually learn and improve.

So Here’s What Happened:

Take It from Disney– Repurpose Your Content!

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There’s one weird thing I’ve noticed about us entrepreneurs…

We invest so much time in learning something, working hard to be great at it, even taking the opportunity to master it. But once we know that something works…

We jump onto the next new, bright-and-shiny endeavor.

…Which is kind of counterproductive – and it drives me nuts.

I’ll admit though, this is something I’ve been doing for many years. I was always obsessed with the newness of things–always working on a new idea or a new opportunity, anything that showed new potential.

This Email Can Generate 60% More Revenue in Your Email Promotions

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Ever thought of the possibility of an email generating over 60% of your revenue from that email promotion sent out to your list?

I’m here to tell you that it’s a real thing.

Recently, my team and I spent some time gathering and analyzing data from over the last year in terms of revenue and email marketing. We send out lots of emails to our subscribers, and we keep track–down to the tiniest detail–just where the revenue comes from.

This means that we know exactly which email generates how much revenue.

The Best Ways to Generate Leads for Your Online Marketing Funnel

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Can you imagine building a business without any customers being interested in what you have to offer? Well, that won’t be much of a business at all! For this reason, you need to generate leads. Leads are people who express interest in your business and are likely to become your customers.

Recently, I wrote a blog post about the best funnel mapping tools and in there, I briefly touched on the stages of the sales funnel, aka “sales process.”

The first phase of the sales funnel is dedicated to building awareness, thus our lead generation efforts.