How I did a $51,495 promo in less than 7 hours (Facebook ads, email scripts & VSL swipe)

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Last week, it was the 2-year anniversary of UpViral… which I almost forgot 😮 Little did I know that it would end up doing an extra $51,495 in sales just a few days later.

Since this promotion only took me a few hours AND it’s easy to implement, I figured to write up this case-study as a “behind the scenes” to inspire others to run similar promotions in their business.

Statistics of the promotion

Note: I *very much* dislike sharing revenue numbers out in the

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16 Eye-Opening Practices that Make People Share YOUR Business to the World

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Advertising alone will not make something go viral, and it definitely does not end in it. It’s a whole that’s a lot bigger than the sum of its parts.

Viral marketing, as Seth Godin believes, must market your business in a tangible and useful way.

There’s no “industry’s well-kept secret” or secret key to going viral. The common misconception is your message should achieve popularity for it to go viral.

Typically, a message or content becomes popular because it’s propagated by a popular figure that has a huge following. For example, a witty message tweeted by a popular actor will