How Shire Talk Got 800+ Leads and Helped Drive 20,000 People to a Local Event

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One of the best things about the internet is that it can be used to promote anything offline. It can be a physical business, a concert, community gathering, or anything you’d like to get people’s attention to.

If you’re curious to know how you can do it, we invite you to learn from Brett Whipp’s case study. Brett is an avid user of our contest platform UpViral and the owner of Shire Talk.

After running a 13-day giveaway to promote a local event in his place, he was able to get these amazing results without spending money on ads:

    34,297 Leads and $300,000 in Sales: How Bunkie Life Went Viral [Case Study]

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    It amazes me how a simple problem can turn into a GREAT BUSINESS… Because most people who start already decide that something is going make them money. They do their research, come up with a business plan, pick a niche, and create a product.

    Mark Davies of UpViral had the pleasure of speaking with David Fraser, one of our users, who was able to hack viral marketing. After running a 26-day contest using UpViral, he impressively got:

    • 34, 297 leads
    • $300,000 in sales
    • 1,998 survey participants 
    • 2,546 new Instagram followers

    And more.

    Here’s a sneak peek of his

    What is Viral Marketing and How Do You Start a Viral Campaign?

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    The Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die.

    Salt Bae.

    The Old Spice campaign.

    #MeToo Movement.  

    There’s a huge chance that you’ve come across one of these “viral” campaigns. If you’re a marketer who wants to be seen and heard by the masses, you’d probably wonder how you can get viral. (Previously, I wrote a blog where I dissected ten viral posts on social media. Be sure to check that one out.)

    Viral marketing is a hot topic especially now that brands are finding ways to break through the chatter

    [Case Study] How Groove Watersports collected 2,800+ Email Subscribers Using a Viral Giveaway

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    As someone who’s about to launch a startup business, you feel like you’re training for a marathon. You’ve set your eyes on some goals, but at the same time, you hit some walls.

    You find that some techniques don’t pay dividends, so you find faster means of scaling.

    Meet Groove Watersports, a startup with a goal of growing their email list before their launch. Although they were already working to grow that list, their strategy was less efficient.

    Groove Watersports recently learned about UpViral, a platform that runs viral contests and giveaways. They decided to give it

    A Customer Acquisition Strategy You Should Start Doing This 2019

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    Ever wondered how Harry’s, a men’s shaving brand, acquired over 1 million customers since their launch in 2013? Well, you would probably say that in order to grow that much, you’d need a mix of strategies.

    But one of those marketing strategies will always have a bigger impact, and to Harry’s, that is running a referral program.

    Their pre-launch referral campaign helped them collect 100,000 emails in a single week and communicate their value as a brand.

    In this post, we’re going to talk about referral programs as a powerful customer acquisition strategy. By understanding the art

    5 Follow Up Emails You Should Send When Running a Contest (With Examples)

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    Do you make sure to plan every part of your online contest before you set it live? If so, you’re doing a good job.

    After all, we want our contest to achieve our end goal — to build brand awareness, grow an email list, generate sales, and so on.

    Follow up emails are by far the most important component of your contest. However, many contests fail because people don’t get reminded about the contest they joined.

    Once people sign up for your contest, you know that you must email them to say thank you. But what next? If

    10 Reasons Why Free Giveaways Flop (And How to Nail a Successful One)

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    Every small business owner who dreams of growing a big email list of quality subscribers thinks of running a giveaway.

    Super thrilled about the campaign, he picks a prize, sets up a landing page, and tells his audience, “Hey, get a chance to win this camera if you get 5 of your friends to sign up!”

    Unfortunately, his giveaway becomes an epic failure.

    Speaking of epic failure: I remember when I was little, I asked my mom what soda was made of. She told me, “Sugar and water, son.” So I rushed to make myself a glass

    10 Simple Hacks That Will Give You Instant Website Traffic

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    How fast is your website growing at the moment? If it’s not fast enough, and you are struggling with low conversion rates, there is a problem. You need the right hacks that generate instant website traffic.

    Getting more website traffic is perhaps the most essential task you should be working on right now. Because once you get tons of qualified people to your site, everything else improves — email sign-ups, content shares, interactions on your website, and ROI.

    Today, I’m about to share 10 tactics to get traffic fast. The best part is that these instant website traffic hacks are

    101 Marketing Power Words That Will Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

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    Words are like a painting.

    Your choice of words and the manner by which you use them elicit a unique reaction among your audiences, as a color palette and painting style would.

    What I’m trying to say is that your landing page copy matters. Examine a piece of successful marketing copy, and you will realize that one word or two makes all the difference.

    Words that transform a copy from “blah” to “brilliant” are called marketing power words.

    For any person who seeks to drive an audience further down his sales funnel, business power words on a landing page offer

    How to Generate Tons of Leads [17 Viral Marketing Ideas]

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    Dropbox. Uber. Airbnb. Evernote.

    Ever wonder how these successful brands grew from 0 to millions of users?

    Here’s the answer.

    These brands don’t have magical powers. But they’re smart enough to know that to forever grow their tribe, they need to craft the best message that’ll spread like wildfire.

    I’m talking about viral marketing.

    They execute viral marketing using these three fundamental steps:

    1: Offer an incentive that’s irresistible

    2: Give people the chance to win your incentive by referring their friends

    3: Repeat the entire process

    A viral marketing campaign is also the perfect means of increasing