Here’s Why Getting “Shared” Won’t Make You Go Viral (+ What Will)

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Do you want your business to go viral? Well, who doesn’t?

Every day, more and more people come to realize how important it is to go viral if you want to generate a buzz for your business.

Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that they use all the wrong tactics to go viral!

For instance… Asking “to get shared”.

Did you know that telling people to share your message is the worst thing you can do? Shocking, especially coming from us, right?

The Foolproof Method to the Perfect Webinar

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Have you ever been to a webinar and just had, genuinely, the best time? Everything about it was impressive, and you wondered if you would ever be able to host a webinar as good?

Maybe you had all sorts of doubts going through your head, about not knowing what to say or not being good with speaking live…

I know the struggle because I’ve been there. I was there for years, in fact.

My mind was making up all sorts of excuses for not being a native English speaker, not knowing the

How Brick and Mortar Stores Can Win Online (Despite CrazyCompetition)

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Keeping pace with ecommerce giants is like being in a foreign land for the very first time. It’s like taking a leap into the unknown. You feel different emotions – excitement, anxiety, and fear. You’re hungry for help. 

But just because Amazon and other thriving online retailers have captured your audience, doesn’t mean you can’t. Not all hope is lost! A brick and mortar store like yours has a chance if you know the right strategies.

But First, Have an Online Presence.

It goes without saying that you should create a website and be found elsewhere online – social media,

How to Skyrocket Your Viral Campaign Using Custom Actions

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You’re always looking for ways to leverage your business. Growth is important, especially in social media. You want more people to follow your various social media channels. You want to drive more sales.

Here at UpViral, we understand that better than most. That’s why we’ve come up with something completely new within our platform that’ll help you reach new heights.

Just in case you’re new to UpViral, let me bring you up to speed.

UpViral is the ultimate viral referral marketing platform. This means that you can use it to run contests and giveaways, giving your audience an incentive to

50 Creative and Small Prize Ideas for Different Industries

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What do you want in business? Let me guess…

Grow a sizable email list. Build brand awareness. Lead more people through the doors of your local shop.

Reality check: It’s hard to get people to take notice these days. Whatever your goal is, you can’t create something and just expect them to come.

But if there’s one thing that you should use to your advantage, that’s FOMO. 

Use FOMO by Running a Contest or Giveaway

In case you didn’t know, FOMO stands for The Fear of Missing Out. FOMO is a psychological phenomenon in which people participate in something because they

7 Questions You Should Answer Before Running a Social Media Contest

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A proven way for brands to increase awareness, grow their email lists, and expand their customer base is to launch an online contest.

Names like Harry’s and Dropbox created a massive fan base in less time. At UpViral, entrepreneurs like Nicholas Kusmich were able to sell thousands of books.

These successes would be impossible if not for the power of contests. 😉

When it comes to the online channels that drive traffic to a giveaway campaign, social media wins. The reason it does is that people use it on a daily basis.

Before you start an online

How to Use Instagram to Build Your Email List: A 3-Step Process

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If you are want to grow your audience base, consider building an email list. Fortunately, there are several list building strategies to explore. You can put opt-in forms on your website, host an event, or do guest blogging.

But today, I would like to bring more focus to an approach that speeds up and maximizes your efforts. It’s called Instagram list building.

Now you may be wondering: Why Instagram of all places? What makes Instagram an awesome platform to increase your subscribers?

Reasons to Use Instagram for List Building [5 Useful Stats]

1. Instagram has 800 million

Three Ways to Make Angry Customers Love You

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No matter how hard you try to create the best products and offer the friendliest customer service, you are bound to run into customers who are simply not happy.

These customers might come to you through a complaint on your social media, an angry email, or a bad post online about you or your product.

Facing an angry customer isn’t a walk in the park. It’s not fun, and can really get under your skin. But what can you do about them?

Angry, frustrated customers are an inevitability. The question is:

How to Prevent Cheating in Your Online Contests

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After months or years of struggling to generate more leads for your business, you’ve finally found a real solution…

An online giveaway contest.

Giveaway contests are a smart way to attract potential customers at a cost you can afford. The reason it appeals to the general public is that it capitalizes on the idea of “winning.”

Who doesn’t want to win?

It’s an exciting experience to be able to launch your first online contest. You have a great prize that awaits your potential leads.

However, you hear about cheating in giveaway contests and are worried that there might be

10 Tools to Create and Visualize Your Sales Funnels

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Chances are, you already know what a sales funnel is.

A sales funnel, also called “sales process,” represents the entire customer journey. It would help that you imagine a typical funnel when talking about a sales funnel:

In a sales funnel, a person starts out as a visitor at the top of your funnel. After he goes through a series of interactions with you, he ends up at the bottom of your funnel – and becomes an actual customer.

Here’s a further explanation of the three parts of the funnel…

  • Top of Funnel (TOFU) – This funnel stage represents