My Podcast Ranked In iTunes Within 10 Days By Running A Contest

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Let me ask you a question…

As a marketer, what is the most personal thing you can for your audience?

One may say, “writing compelling, cornerstone content.”

But to some who really want to expand their reach and establish a more intimate connection with their audience, they answer podcasting.

They say that podcasting the new blogging and the new marketing for 2016 and beyond.

But like blogging, podcasters are presented with the challenge of cutting through the noise and getting a big-time exposure.

So how do they unleash the potential of their podcasts to go viral without tapping into other marketing strategies that don’t guarantee results?

I leveraged a powerful method

A Viral Strategy That Gets You 3,000 Leads In 2 Weeks [Case Study]

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If you’ve been trying to generate more leads for a while, I’m sure you’ve come across several platforms that claim to offer you “the best” solutions.

Join social media groups. 

Comment on other blogs. 

Feature your best pieces of content. 

Host a webinar.

Create a landing page. 

The list goes on and on…

Then you’re told to be patient because they say that lasting results don’t happen overnight.


You don’t have much time on your watch to wait for something that’s uncertain.

Then you ask: Is there any other way?

I know this may sound too good to be true but actually there

UpViral 2016 – Year in Review

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As we’re closing in towards the end of 2016, I feel it’s a good time to look backwards to see what we’ve been focusing on.

It’s been an interesting ride, to say the least. All in all, I’m happy where things are right now – and even more excited what’s to come!

Thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs have been viralhacking their business using UpViral, collecting 3,841,143 leads in the process.

My goal of this article is to share my the lessons we’ve learned along the way, so we can all learn from it!

So… Let’s get started, shall we?


How being paranoid saved my business multiple times (and could save yours too)

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On this episode, Wilco we’ll be talking about something that is a bit more responsible or maybe you might say either paranoid or smart.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
01:26: My business went back to zero multiple times.
02:43: Is there something in your business that if you would just take it away, the business would be in trouble?
03:36: I’m not going to be dependent on any single thing any longer.
04:32: The first day, with the launch going on, my wife got in an accident.
05:20: The first thing I do is I make

I didn’t realize I got scammed until AFTER I paid $25,000 (and why I’d happily do it again)

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On this episode Wilco shares how he actually didn’t realize that he got scammed until after he paid out 25,000 US dollars, which is crazy, right?

Time Stamped Show Notes:
01:21 I decided that I wanted to have a coach or a mentor.
01:51 It had to be someone that is ten steps ahead of me.
02:20 founder of ClickFunnels
02:59 The cost of this group, of this inner circle of his, is $25,000 a year.
04:04 Russell Brunson is using Upviral.
05:48 I call his team, and I joined,

5 Lessons I Learned Building A Internet Business Empire

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On this episode, Wilco shares his five biggest lessons that he learned over the last fifteen years as an online entrepreneur, that got him from zero to where he is today.

• Make sure to solve problems.
• Never, ever rely on just one thing in your business.
• Give away value first, then reap the rewards.
• Care about your customers.
• Don’t try to do it all by yourself.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
01:29 How I got started online?
04:41 Make sure

How KissMetrics Held Me Hostage For 8 Months (And What We Can Learn From It)

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On this episode, Wilco talks his experience on How Kiss metrics kept him paying $200/month for 8 months in a row without using it.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
01:15 How do Kissmetrics kept me paying $200/month for 8 months in a row without using it?
05:28 One of the reasons why I didn’t not want to cancel is because I was heavily, and I mean heavily invested in this platform.
06:27 You can get people to be invested into your business if they put some kind of effort and they’re going to lose that if

What Affiliates Don’t Want You To Know (Because They Won’t Be Able To Resist Your Product Launch)

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On this episode, Wilco talks the 3 types of affiliates to promote your product

• Those who promote for the product.
• Those who promote for EPCs.
• Those who promote for friends.

So listen below to find out how Wilco puts everyone in baskets based on why they would promote his products and why they wouldn’t.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
01:51 Why having affiliates have been my number 1 channel for getting new customers on board.
02:02 Having affiliates, it’s so far the only way I’ve seen to generate