The 3 Most Profitable Email Automations You Should Implement Today

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On this episode, Wilco shares his 3 most profitable email automations. 

So listen below to start applying these automations into your business right away:

Time Stamped Show Notes:
00:47 Email automation. What is it?
02:38 Abandoned cart email sequence.
04:19 Website Visit Automation.
05:10 Keeping email super, super short inspired by Dean Jackson.
05:52 What I usually have in my business, I usually have some extra offers on the back end.
07:30 Three of my most profitable email automations.
08:17 These three email automations, they all just consist of

What’s The Holy Grail of Online Business in 2017 and Beyond?

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On this episode, Wilco talks the holy grail of online business. He explains what is the best business model you could have or you could add into your business today.

Here are a few interesting things you will hear in today’s episode:
• Learn what is Wilco’s ultimate goal in his business from his reflection.
• Wilco explains the benefits and advantages of building up a recurring revenue in your business.

So listen below to find out why you should start adding

The 2 Reasons Why Marketers Fail to Scale Their Business (And What To Do About It)

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On this very first episode, Wilco talks about what should you be doing to scale your business. Listen as he talks about what should you be automated or delegated and why it’s ok to do things that are not scalable in order to grow your business.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
1:37: Difference between growing your business and really scaling it.

04:01: Should a webinar be automated and delegated?
04:51: In your business, what can you actually automate or delegate to someone else?

Introducing the NEW UpViral Editor (More Flexibility + Easier To Use)

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Woohoo – we have been busy at UpViral working on all kinds of updates and changes.

As promised during our recent roundup of  updates, one of the things we’ve been working on is a new and improved page editor.

What’s new?

We realize that the “old” editor was a bit clunky. You had to get used to it to “get it”.

Not anymore 🙂

With the new editor, you can easily make changes inside the page itself. Just click and start typing.


Case Study: $38,458 in Sales Using An UpViral Pre-Launch

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We already know that viral giveaways are incredibly effective to build up large email lists, but how effective is it to drive more sales?

Recently Karl Schuckert & Chase Bowers put it to the test by using UpViral when he launched ShopifiedApp, a new Shopify dropshipping application.

So… was this effective? You bet! 

Let’s dive into the case study so you can see exactly what steps they took – and what the results were.

Creating buzz using UpViral

The key objective behind the Pre-Launch activities was to build up buzz and a list as quickly and cheaply as possible.

To start

Quick “behind the scenes” of UpViral (new features)

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Wow – time flies!

Can’t believe it’s been a year since we first introduced UpViral. A lot has happened since that time 🙂

We went from being a “cool looking tool” to a well-known platform that’s capable of so much more than what we initially launched (and our customers are getting the results to show for it).

While we started as a small team, there’s currently a team of 15 people behind UpViral & our sister-company Connectio. Yep, we’ve got big plans indeed!

As much as we’ve progressed over the last year… there’s still a lot to improve as

8 Ways Seth Godin Creates Fierce Loyalty and Engagement With His Blog

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Do you know Seth Godin? Probably not personally, but you may have heard of him. He’s the author of 18 best selling books, has one of the most popular blogs on the net, and was inducted to the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. If there’s anyone that knows about creating loyalty and getting people to act, it’s Seth.


The question is, how does he do it?

Let me tell you, it’s not through witchcraft, wizardry, or praying to

Anti-marketing tactics that turned Tinder and Whatsapp into unicorns

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We live in a constantly changing landscape, and nothing has advanced as fast as technology. These advancements that let people have mini computers in their pockets at all times have caused a monumental shift in the way people are sold things. The old days of ad revenue coming from commercials and billboards are over.

Companies have been forced to adapt by producing ads that not only get someone’s attention on one platform but ensure the message and experience are consistent across numerous devices. This is something that wasn’t even heard of just 5 years ago,

100 websites to submit and promote Online Contests

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Online Contests and Giveaways are a great way to build reputation for your brand and at the same time scoring leads in form of participants. If your contest goes viral, you can imagine a stream of brand signals and leads coming your way.

Creating a contest and putting a worthy prize / reward behind it is one part of the whole contest. But if you can’t promote your contest, you might not be able to bring in that many participants.

If you’re looking for a way to further promote your contest beyond your current lists and followers, sharing your contest