“The Client’s Only Complaint Was That The Phone Wouldn’t Stop Ringing”

Bruno Cordeiro is a successful Brazilian marketing agency owner focusing on serving local business clientele. He is also a traffic generation expert who has created a number of courses teaching traffic generation techniques.

Despite Bruno’s considerable expertise with traffic generation, he was blown away when he decided to try UpViral for a campaign to generate leads for a local restaurant.

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On a tiny budget of only $10, Bruno’s UpViral campaign generated 151 direct leads that referred a phenomenal 2219 additional leads in only 30 days. But that was only the start.

Bruno ran the exact campaign for the restaurant four additional times, and generated over 8,316 leads in total.

Bruno spiced up this UpViral restaurant campaign with some special local marketing sauce to make it a massive success. He also applied the same campaign principles to other local businesses with equally good results. So let’s take a look inside Bruno’s campaign to see how he hit it out of the park his very first time using UpViral.

Make the Incentive the Core Product of the Business

Since Bruno’s client was an established restaurant with over ten years in business, he decided to make the contest incentive a core product of the business, in this case a steak dinner. Another reason he chose a steak dinner as the incentive is that steak dinners are a favorite meal of Brazilians.

You can see from the optin page that the incentive was specified in detail: a complete picanha with 600 grams of picanha, rice, farofa, vinaigrette and french fries at Kumbucas Grill. 

So Bruno didn’t just choose an incentive that was a core product of the business, he also ensured that the incentive was hugely appealing to the restaurant’s target audience.

💎UpViral Tip: Incentives carefully chosen to appeal to the target market is one of the foundational principles UpViral creator Wilco de Kreij teaches in his own marketing courses. If you choose an incentive based on wide appeal alone (say an iPad or iPhone) you might attract plenty of leads, but there is a catch. You won’t attract leads interested in purchasing the core offers of your business or service.

That means despite all the effort and advertising dollars you put into your contest, choosing the wrong incentive will result in a disappointing number of sales.

While choosing the right incentive goes a long way to getting smashing results with UpViral, you also need a traffic source. Bruno was strategic in choosing his source, which scored him maximum results with a minimal advertising budget.

Before we proceed to the next section, we’d like to show you the screenshot of the campaign share page:

Impressive Results with a Tiny Advertising Budget

The restaurant already had a sizable Facebook following, but Bruno knew that simply posting about the contest on its fan page wouldn’t generate enough buzz for the contest to take off and go viral.

That’s because only a tiny percentage of fans ever see organic results from a Facebook page in their newsfeeds. That’s why Bruno knew if he wanted to get the best results possible for his client that he needed a paid traffic source.

Instead of paying for expensive lead ads, Bruno chose to boost posts on the restaurant’s Facebook page. This audience was already familiar with the restaurant so why not take advantage of this? Boosted posts cost a fraction of what lead ads cost. Bruno pulled off his results spending only $10 for boosted posts.

It just proves that you don’t need to have an enormous ad budget for outstanding results with your UpViral campaign.

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Bruno’s ‘Everyone Wins Without a Catch’ Philosophy

While it is common practice to offer a discount code to offer everyone who enters at the end of a contest, Bruno changed things up.

Instead of making contest entrants wait until the end of the contest to receive a discount code, he decided to give a 30% off discount code to everyone who entered immediately after they signed up.

That made the restaurant’s phone start to ring with reservation bookings the same day the contest was launched. The immediate discount code also made entrants excited and eager to refer their friends to the contest.

He also offered the discount code again at the end of the contest, in case contest entrants didn’t take advantage of the code the first time.

Since this approach proved so successful, Bruno repeated the exact same contest multiple times.

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Instead of spending hours coming up with new contests and incentives for his restaurant client, Bruno just paused the contest after 30 days and ran it a total of four times.

Since the contest was a proven winner that got incredible results on a miniscule ad budget, why spend the effort trying to reinvent the wheel? This is a great example of working smarter, not harder…and we’re all about that at UpViral.

Bruno’s campaign was a hybrid of the urgency created by a time-sensitive campaign and the once-and-done ease of an evergreen campaign. Instead of trying to come up with fresh campaign ideas when you only have limited time and advertising dollars to work with, running the same campaign multiple times is a winning strategy.

Effectively Leveraging and Engaging Campaign Leads

To build engagement with the contest participants, Bruno took advantage of the popularity of WhatsApp in Brazil. He used software to send out a bulk message via WhatsApp to all contest participants asking:

“Hey, {name} did you enter the contest?”

The question kept the communication lines open, engaged participants, and the low-key nature of the question helped him avoid WhatsApp’s spam filters.

As you might have noticed, Bruno made sure to include a field that asked for a participant’s Whatsapp number in the campaign optin page:

Bruno received lots of replies to his question, which helped create lines of communication and keep contest engagement high.

Another way to keep entrants engaged throughout the 30-day contest was by sending emails that featured other delicious items on the restaurant’s menu. This kept customers coming back for more after they had enjoyed their initial discounted meal.

The strategies Bruno used for the restaurant campaign proved to be so successful, he replicated it for other local businesses.

One Campaign, Multiple Businesses

Because Bruno’s first UpViral campaign created so much business for his restaurant client, he decided to use UpViral in similar, repeatable 30-day campaigns for other local business clients.

  • One of Bruno’s campaigns for a local supermarket featured a giveaway for a coffee machine. To keep the audience engaged for the store’s 30-day  contest, engagement emails were sent out. They reminded the entrants about other items sold at the store including specialty coffee blends and snacks that paired perfectly with a cup of hot coffee. Encouraging the entrants to visit the store to pick up these featured items also led to some impulse sales – after all, who can resist adding a few extra items to your cart once you’re already in the store?
  • Bruno also created an UpViral campaign for a local driving school. Since driving lessons are mandatory and expensive in Brazil, the campaign was wildly popular and profitable for the business.

“There’s No Traffic Like UpViral Traffic”

Bruno says that UpViral blows social media and other traffic sources like Google out of the water. Nothing compares to the mind-blowing number of referred leads you can generate with UpViral at no cost.

Bruno says…

After getting a taste of the huge number of targeted leads UpViral generates, Bruno plans on making UpViral part of his main marketing stack from now on.

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Put Bruno’s strategies and UpViral to work for your business today. Be sure to let us know your results – you may be featured in our next case study soon!