Holiday Contest Ideas to Engage Your Audience (+ Boost Sales)

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The holiday season is a time of giving and receiving.

It’s also a great opportunity for business owners to engage their audience and increase sales.

Statista predicts that holiday retail sales in the US will reach 729.3 billion this year. (Back in 2000, sales amounted to only 400 billion U.S. dollars.)

With that in mind, how do you maximize your holiday sale potential? One of the best strategies is to run a holiday-themed contest.

Need inspiration? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our list of holiday contest ideas. Check them out below.

5 Holiday Contest

5 Marketing Psychology Tricks to Use in Your Giveaway Campaigns

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Marketing psychology always comes in handy in any campaign. And yes, that includes contests or giveaways!

But why is psychology important to marketers? Does it help increase conversions? Most importantly, how can we leverage it to boost your giveaways?

I’ve prepared this helpful guide for you. After reading, you should be able to effectively use marketing psychology techniques to your advantage.

Keep reading.

What is Marketing Psychology and Why Should You Care?

It’s really simple: Marketing psychology is when you incorporate psychological techniques into your content or message.

Because once you understand what motivates people to take action, you can

How to Write Emails That Your Giveaway Audience Will Want to Read and Take Action From

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Have you ever wondered whether there’s a secret to getting more people to stick around during a giveaway? ?

Because here’s what I often observe:

Someone discovers a giveaway and thinks to himself, “This is an awesome prize. I must join this giveaway to win it!”

After he enters his best email address, he resumes whatever he’s doing. Hours pass by and he forgets about the giveaway.

Truth is, getting people to sign up for your campaign is a huge accomplishment.

But the work isn’t over yet.

Keeping contestants engaged throughout the campaign? It’s almost an impossible task for a

How to Choose a Contest Prize That Attracts Qualified Leads and Helps You Go Viral

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Are you guilty of this?

You’re super excited to run a viral contest. Excitement overwhelms you, and so you rush to get everything done.

You can’t wait to launch it.

As soon as you did, you realized that a couple of things were missing. You honestly thought you were ready, but you weren’t! ?

It’s not just you who experiences this, but anyone who tries to create a contest or giveaway for the first time. Don’t fret – it’s normal.

But wouldn’t it be great to keep mistakes to a minimum? That way, you spend less time going back and

How to Pick a Giveaway Winner (And Keep Everyone Happy)

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Congratulations… You’ve won the vacation package for the Walt Disney World Resort in our Summer giveaway contest! ?

This is the most exciting message that your giveaway audience could read.

As your contest comes to an end, people wait in anticipation for you to announce the winner. Those who’ve actively participated and did their best expect to win.

On that note, you have a challenge:

That is to make sure that you choose a giveaway winner in a way that leaves everybody feeling positive… yes, that includes non-winners!

6 Ways to Select a Giveaway Winner

To prevent participants from thinking