Email Engagement Tips to Keep People Hooked on Your Contest

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Admit it:  

Putting together a contest can involve a ton of resources.

Time, money, and effort.

After all that you have invested, you only want the best outcomes.

More referrals, more leads, and more sales flowing in.

But as much as you want people to stick around, unfortunately, not everyone does.

Often, people enter a contest or giveaway campaign but don’t stick until the end.

They feel excited at the thought of getting the prize. However, that excitement doesn’t last that long.

The fact that there are too many distractions can keep them from engaging with your business.


How to Build an Email List Without a Website Yet (Step-by-Step Process)

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Have you ever stopped to think why some marketers get to build a massive email list even without a website?

…or while others can’t acquire at least ten people to sign-up despite having set-up everything?

The answer is simple. Successful email list builders do three things:

  • Offer a great lead magnet (freebie, free offer, or opt-in bribe)
  • Use a proven “viral” formula
  • Promote their free stuff to other places

Next, they incorporate these three tactics into a proven process which we’ll dive into today. I’ll share the process in a while in 5 steps.

But first, you need

How to Use Instagram to Build Your Email List: A 3-Step Process

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If you are want to grow your audience base, consider building an email list. Fortunately, there are several list building strategies to explore. You can put opt-in forms on your website, host an event, or do guest blogging.

But today, I would like to bring more focus to an approach that speeds up and maximizes your efforts. It’s called Instagram list building.

Now you may be wondering: Why Instagram of all places? What makes Instagram an awesome platform to increase your subscribers?

Reasons to Use Instagram for List Building [5 Useful Stats]

1. Instagram has 800 million

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Landing Pages

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Isn’t it a great thing to be discovered by your audience?

Being known by many is something that every marketer dreams of. Website traffic is as valuable as walk-in customers of a local mall.

Though not every person makes a purchase, it still matters to you that people show up. This gives you time to get closer to them, build a relationship, and along the way convince them to become your customers!

Traffic is important, especially if you’ve built a special landing page to collect new leads and get your existing subscribers to follow a specific action.

On your landing

5 Must-Do’s to Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

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Do you realize the positive impact that a lead magnet has on your audience?

I do, and here’s story I want to share:

As I was strolling down the mall the other day, a saleslady from a new bakery restaurant was offering a free taste of their cakes to passers-by. Nearly 100% of the time, people stopped to get a slice. Others who saw the ones gathering for the free taste were enticed to give it a try.

Can you guess why this new bakery restaurant went out of their way to offer a free bite of their product? That’s

10 Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List Today

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You’ve heard it time and again:

When it comes to growing a profitable business, you need to build up your email list. No online business owner these days is a stranger to this fact.

But despite this, business owners still commit one mortal sin of email list building…

They’re not doing it fast enough!

Speed is a killer. Each time you don’t generate new leads is a missed opportunity to make more money. This also means that you’re losing potential contacts to your best competitors.

Here’s another reason why you should keep your email list fresh:


lead magnets feature image

41 Lead Magnet Ideas That Actually Work

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Lead magnets are some of the most popular and effective ways to get new leads.

If you don’t have a good one yet, you may want to try one soon because online marketing is only getting more competitive by the day.

Lead magnets can become your edge and may change the way you run your business.

In your experience with lead magnets, you will find opportunities to use them in all stages of your online marketing funnel. Aside from lead generation, you can also use lead magnets to generate website traffic, increase sales, and even strengthen brand