How Brick and Mortar Stores Can Win Online (Despite CrazyCompetition)

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Keeping pace with ecommerce giants is like being in a foreign land for the very first time. It’s like taking a leap into the unknown. You feel different emotions – excitement, anxiety, and fear. You’re hungry for help. 

But just because Amazon and other thriving online retailers have captured your audience, doesn’t mean you can’t. Not all hope is lost! A brick and mortar store like yours has a chance if you know the right strategies.

But First, Have an Online Presence.

It goes without saying that you should create a website and be found elsewhere online – social media,

Three Ways to Make Angry Customers Love You

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No matter how hard you try to create the best products and offer the friendliest customer service, you are bound to run into customers who are simply not happy.

These customers might come to you through a complaint on your social media, an angry email, or a bad post online about you or your product.

Facing an angry customer isn’t a walk in the park. It’s not fun, and can really get under your skin. But what can you do about them?

Angry, frustrated customers are an inevitability. The question is:

How to Prevent Cheating in Your Online Contests

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After months or years of struggling to generate more leads for your business, you’ve finally found a real solution…

An online giveaway contest.

Giveaway contests are a smart way to attract potential customers at a cost you can afford. The reason it appeals to the general public is that it capitalizes on the idea of “winning.”

Who doesn’t want to win?

It’s an exciting experience to be able to launch your first online contest. You have a great prize that awaits your potential leads.

However, you hear about cheating in giveaway contests and are worried that there might be

10 Tools to Create and Visualize Your Sales Funnels

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Chances are, you already know what a sales funnel is.

A sales funnel, also called “sales process,” represents the entire customer journey. It would help that you imagine a typical funnel when talking about a sales funnel:

In a sales funnel, a person starts out as a visitor at the top of your funnel. After he goes through a series of interactions with you, he ends up at the bottom of your funnel – and becomes an actual customer.

Here’s a further explanation of the three parts of the funnel…

  • Top of Funnel (TOFU) – This funnel stage represents

10 Tools to Improve Your Landing Page Headlines

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Every element of your landing page is essential in driving conversions for your product.

The headline creates a first impression. The hero shot makes your product more tangible and demonstrates its value. The landing page copy mentions features and benefits. The sign-up form collects your visitors’ email addresses. Customer testimonials add social proof.

While all landing page elements have their own roles to play, nothing is more powerful than your headline.

A good headline is what compels people to pay attention. If they do, other parts of your page get to perform their important functions.

Do you think that coming

About to Launch Your Product? Avoid These 7 Critical Mistakes

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When you’re trying to cram months and months of work into a few days in time for your big product launch, well, what could possibly go wrong?

Trust me, a LOT.

I can tell you that from experience.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve done quite a few product launches, and some people would say they were quite big ones.

As awesome as product launches could be, plenty of things could go wrong during the set-up.

In this post,

Five Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Product Launch (and Create a Huge Buzz Around It!)

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Over the last few years, I’ve done a few product launches. Quite a few of them have been, some would say, fairly big. 🙂

I’ve gotten well over 100,000 people visiting my product launches, happening over a 5 or 6-day period. I’ll leave you to decide whether you find that impressive or not. 😉

To get to this kind of result, you’re going to have to spend some time to prepare. It’s not like you’re going to create a new sales page, put it online, then suddenly see tens of thousands of people

How I did a $51,495 promo in less than 7 hours (Facebook ads, email scripts & VSL swipe)

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Last week, it was the 2-year anniversary of UpViral… which I almost forgot 😮 Little did I know that it would end up doing an extra $51,495 in sales just a few days later.

Since this promotion only took me a few hours AND it’s easy to implement, I figured to write up this case-study as a “behind the scenes” to inspire others to run similar promotions in their business.

Statistics of the promotion

Note: I *very much* dislike sharing revenue numbers out in the

Case Study: $38,458 in Sales Using An UpViral Pre-Launch

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We already know that viral giveaways are incredibly effective to build up large email lists, but how effective is it to drive more sales?

Recently Karl Schuckert & Chase Bowers put it to the test by using UpViral when he launched ShopifiedApp, a new Shopify dropshipping application.

So… was this effective? You bet! 

Let’s dive into the case study so you can see exactly what steps they took – and what the results were.

Creating buzz using UpViral

The key objective behind the Pre-Launch activities was to build up buzz and a list as quickly and cheaply as possible.

To start

8 Ways Seth Godin Creates Fierce Loyalty and Engagement With His Blog

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Do you know Seth Godin? Probably not personally, but you may have heard of him. He’s the author of 18 best selling books, has one of the most popular blogs on the net, and was inducted to the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. If there’s anyone that knows about creating loyalty and getting people to act, it’s Seth.


The question is, how does he do it?

Let me tell you, it’s not through witchcraft, wizardry, or praying to the marketing gods, but by calculated precision actions