How to Use Viral Giveaways to Get More Instagram Followers

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Are you using Instagram for your business?

Whether you’re just starting out in business or are up and running, here’s what you should know: Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users in 2019. A rapidly growing platform, Instagram lets you expand your presence.

That way, you can stay connected with your audience while they’re engaging with their friends or looking up celebrities.

Here are more reasons to use Instagram for your business:

  • Opportunities to drive sales. Instagram focuses on visual content, allowing brands to showcase their products and

7 Questions You Should Answer Before Running a Social Media Contest

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A proven way for brands to increase awareness, grow their email lists, and expand their customer base is to launch an online contest.

Names like Harry’s and Dropbox created a massive fan base in less time. At UpViral, entrepreneurs like Nicholas Kusmich were able to sell thousands of books.

These successes would be impossible if not for the power of contests. 😉

When it comes to the online channels that drive traffic to a giveaway campaign, social media wins. The reason it does is that people use it on a daily basis.

Before you start an online

How to Use Instagram to Build Your Email List: A 3-Step Process

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If you are want to grow your audience base, consider building an email list. Fortunately, there are several list building strategies to explore. You can put opt-in forms on your website, host an event, or do guest blogging.

But today, I would like to bring more focus to an approach that speeds up and maximizes your efforts. It’s called Instagram list building.

Now you may be wondering: Why Instagram of all places? What makes Instagram an awesome platform to increase your subscribers?

Reasons to Use Instagram for List Building [5 Useful Stats]

1. Instagram has 800 million

Anti-marketing tactics that turned Tinder and Whatsapp into unicorns

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We live in a constantly changing landscape, and nothing has advanced as fast as technology. These advancements that let people have mini computers in their pockets at all times have caused a monumental shift in the way people are sold things. The old days of ad revenue coming from commercials and billboards are over.

Companies have been forced to adapt by producing ads that not only get someone’s attention on one platform but ensure the message and experience are consistent across numerous devices. This is something that wasn’t even heard of just 5 years ago,

The 5 reasons why people share – and how they help you go viral

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Have you ever encountered that “Aha” moment when you said to yourself “this is the perfect idea that everyone is going to share with their friends?”

In reality it’s often not as “perfect” as you initially thought.

Some people share it, but not enough to truly go viral.

Fortunately there are ways to boost that. The most effective one is by giving incentives in return for inviting their friends over.

Because your audience will get a reward if they share your content or site… they’re suddenly much more inclined to do so (making your site go viral).

However – offering such an incentive