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Discover how to create and implement viral marketing campaigns–hint: this is the fastest way to get qualified leads into your business and break your sales records

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Matthew Longley

Inside Viral Hacking Masterclass you’ll discover:
  • Understand the psychology behind why people share campaigns (critical to your viral marketing success!)
  • What it actually means to ‘go viral’ (and why some campaigns go viral and others don’t)
  • How to incentivize word-of-mouth referrals to grow your influence, email list and sales volume faster than your biggest expectations
  • How to increase WTS (your audience’s ‘Willingness to Share’) in an ethical way that overcomes any resistance or reluctance to campaign sharing
  • The Viral Growth Calculator that helps you to tweak your campaigns on the fly for optimal results
  • Why your goal shouldn’t be just to grow a big list fast (hint: a big list isn’t always a profitable list!)
  • The science behind why marketing virality isn’t just ‘dumb luck’ (there is an actual mathematical formula to know the viral potential of your campaign!)
  • Learn what the most important element to success of any campaign is (get this wrong and your campaign has zero chance of going viral)
  • Why you must start with the end in mind before you spend a single minute in campaign creation
  • Contest or Giveaway campaign? Know the campaign type you’ll get the best results from when you have a specific end goal in mind
  • How to create a perfect incentive that’ll create a sharing frenzy from your audience
  • How to write the 5 specific types of emails every viral campaign needs
  • Traffic secrets to attract the most qualified leads to your campaign with the lowest possible (or zero) ad spend
  • 5 different ways to get more clients with UpViral
  • Bonus: Mind Maps, campaign checklist, and done-for-you email templates
You'll ALSO get:
  • Email support (7 days a week): Our success team will be available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.
  • Access to our community: You’ll gain access to our Facebook community. Ask questions, network and connect with other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you.

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