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How Would You Like To Have One Of The Best Viral Marketers Sharing His Secrets Every Week And Personally Helping To Get Your Campaigns Off The Ground, Fast And For Free?

Growing your business starts with a pipeline of qualified leads.
Get all the knowledge, inspiration, and support you need to achieve extraordinary success with your next UpViral Campaign.

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Here's what previous attendees said...

"I got more than 45,000 leads in a week, and 90,000 after 14 days. Amazing! Thanks Wilco!"


"This has by far been the most successful campaign to get subscribers for me since I launched my brand. Thanks Wilco!"

annie le
United States

"Wilco I could never thank you enough. Thanks for Rock’n Roll… or better “Leads & Roll”! 27K leads in 2 days."

joe di siena

"Wilco, your system works and I was up and running in less than an hour! Just wanted to say Thank You!"

phil kasik
United States

"It brought in so many new customers that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to support them. Viral campaigns work!"

bradley waldrop
United States

"The exposure and the ROI was x5000 more than the time and money we put into it. Thanks Wilco!"

todd spears
United States

On this training, you will learn:

  • The fastest, most effective list building strategy you'll ever encounter.
  • Get more exposure & branding than any "common" traffic strategy could.
  • A simple on-page tweak to double your conversion (few people know about this)

First, let's get clear
on what this is NOT

This is NOT something
you’ve seen before.

This doesn’t have anything to do with all the common traffic strategies like FB Ads, PPC, SEO, PR, Instagram, etc - none of that. This is a strategy that’s still very much untapped since not many people know about it.

This is NOT a pitch for a course.

Unlike most of the so-called “free training”, this isn’t a pitch for a course. That’s why I’m able to put all the best things in the workshop itself (step-by-step blueprint, examples to copy, etc) so you can dive right in. At the end, I will show you something I’ve created, which is completely optional.

This is NOT for everyone.

If you’re looking for “simply click one button” trickery (or whatever fake gurus claim), this is not for you. This is for people who are willing to put in work to gain results. I’ll show you the exact steps to take, but it won’t work unless you take action.

This is NOT available forever.

As much as I’d like to let everyone in… I won’t. As long as this page is up, you can join the training. Once the page is gone, it’s gone.

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Hi, my name is Mark Davies, I'm the UpViral COO

And I'll be co-hosting these Co-Pilot shows with the viral marketing supremo, Mitch Aunger.

Every Tuesday, Mitch will be sharing all of his insider secrets, hacks, and know-how that he's used to generate over 250,000 leads using UpViral.
So, if you're struggling to get started, or you don't know what makes the perfect prize or offer, what points you should have, or what copy to put in your campaigns... This is for you!

Live Campaign


Live Q&A with


Live Campaign
Set Up

Viral Success Secrets

And Much More

If you’re looking for more ninja and advanced ways of using UpViral like the way it was used to make sales of around $850,000 from one campaign...

 (yes, I did say from ONE campaign and in only 27 days...)

Then you MUST be on our Tuesday Co-Pilot show...

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What can you expect to discover on these calls?...

You'll get to see how the most successful UpViral campaigns are set-up and how you can copy them, we'll even show you there inner-workings and the secrets that make them a success.

We'll bare all and answer all your questions; nothing is off-limits, and everything is open to you!

It can take weeks sometimes months to work out what a successful campaign needs to
work. But, with Mitch’s help, you’ll stop wasting valuable time with frustrating trials and
errors and discover how the insider shortcuts to success.


Mark Davies

UpViral COO


Mitch Aunger

UpViral Expert

Also, if you have a campaign, we'll review it, and in some cases, we'll rebuild it live for you.
You’ll discover simple yet irresistible prize formats that make people desperate to share
your campaigns.

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Want to avoid more pain and wasted time?

We’ll show you the two simple things that WILL make your campaigns fail time and again
and how to avoid them.

We'll even pick someone live and try to build a complete UpViral campaign for you.
Including helping you choose the right prize, the correct points to use, write the page
copy, the emails, and even help you get it launched.

So here’s what to do now...

Click the button below and signup (for free), and we'll save you a seat.

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Better still we'll notify you every time we're about to do a show and reserve a seat for you then all you have to do is turn up and jump the queue.
So, signup now it's fun, free, and best of all you could be featured on an UpViral Co-Pilot show.
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