Here’s how to make your email marketing more effective (cheatsheet)

For busy individuals, they probably have their inbox brimming with emails from different people.

Now, which of those messages are they going to read? It’s impossible to open each and every one, especially when one’s so caught up in appointments here and there.

This is where marketers ought to learn to make themselves stand out. You have to convince the receiver to click on your email and read what’s inside, for starters.

One of the best ways to make your email stand out is by making them more personal.

The benefits of personal messages

Generic and uniform emails are just too stiff. They’re boring. They’re uninteresting.

Such messages can end up being ignored or just deleted – SPAM, for short. You should aim to make people think: “Someone’s sending me an email, not just an automation.”

Again, having that personal touch to your email would do you a whole lot good. Why?

  • Boosts open rates – The first thing you need to achieve is to have more people open your emails. And personalizing them would definitely do the trick.
  • Boosts engagement – You make a person interested when you converse with him or her in a cordial manner. Doing this can get their attention and can move them to conduct business with you.
  • Boosts credibility – Trust is earned, after all, and you can’t expect people to believe in your company, especially if you write out impersonal emails. Basically, you have to connect with your clientele, person-to-person, and build relationships with them. From there, you can gain their confidence.

Common Email Personalization Techniques

Starting out isn’t so hard. You can try applying these tips:

  • Speak/write in a conversational tone.Don’t be too serious! Loosen up and engage your email list by briefly asking them about their day first – just like how a normal exchange goes. From there, you can then work on making them curious about your product, for instance.
  • Segment email list according to categories.A good method would be to also divide your clients into different groups that fit to them. This could be as simple as age, gender and location. Or you can categorize them according to customer type (past, current, etc).

Personalization Beyond The Basics

If you’ve done the 2 steps above, then here’s news: there’s more. While they’re effective techniques, you can still do more in personalizing the content of your emails.

Making them more and more personal will definitely bring your message across.

But you’ll need to do some data research on your customers and use that to your advantage:

  • Address consumer by real first name – Isn’t it friendly and warm to be called by your first name? That’s what a client would feel as well. When they get to read their name, they’d think that you’ve taken the time and effort to specially write them the email.
  • Make use of and mention the customer’s personal information, needs, interests, history (like in purchasing from you) – Supposing one was a previous customer and you want them to buy from you again, you can send them a message that highlights their past purchases. Recommend related products to them too. This shows that you’re keeping track and that you consider them as notable clients.

Fortunately most auto-responders offer the option to personalize your emails in an easy way… yet many people aren’t using it to it’s full potential yet.

Therefore we went ahead and collected all kinds of personalization tags that the major auto-responders are using, and put them in an easy to grasp overview for you.

Here’s your cheatsheet..


Feel free to embed this infographic into your website:

<img title="email marketing personalization" src="" alt="" />

Here’s an example on how you could use these tags..

Before (without using these personalization tags)

Hey there,

Thanks again for signing up earlier this week! It’s so awesome to have subscribers from all over the world.

In 2 days I’ll send you another email with more information about XYZ!



After (after using personalization tags)

Hey Brian,

Thanks again for signing up last Monday! It’s so awesome to have subscribers from all over the world, even from The Netherlands!

On Friday, I’ll send you another email with more information about XYZ!



Much better, right?

Yes, a change in tone and approach can do wonders. Being personal in emails is powerful enough to bring many, many benefits to your company. Are you using this yet?