Discover how to take the mystery out of viral marketing to generate 114,485 leads in less than 30 days!

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"UpViral is a wonderful tool that enables you to reach the skies of online marketing.

The results are amazing, the dashboard is user-friendly and the support is super helpful!
I will definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to make an impact with their company."

Arthur Jansen, The Netherlands

"Before buying UpViral, I didn't know what to expect, too many marketers promise big and under-deliver.

I purchased UpViral and tried it out.

UpViral has easily paid for itself...
... if I compare its results to what I would have had to pay on Facebook to get those same leads!

Definitely a good investment."

Abdel Mussa, United Kingdom

Let’s face facts.

Getting quality traffic to your websites, funnels and landing pages is harder than ever.

  • fact-1
    Unless you're an SEO expert or have one on the payroll, forget about ranking on Google's search results.

  • fact-2
    Paying for traffic via ads and media buys only gets more expensive, especially on Facebook. Thus, increasing your risk and hurting your bottom line.

  • fact-3
    Getting quality leads or subscribers is tougher than ever via the conventional “funnel” methods – and getting sales is even harder.

  • fact-4
    Generating social buzz and traffic via clickbait, Youtube videos and other tactics can be iffy at best and hugely unprofitable at worst.

There’s a Better Way!

Just try reading a business magazine or sites like Wired, Fast Company, or Mashable without coming across a mention of a major internet player or big Fortune 500 using "viral marketing" or "referral marketing" to rake in the big bucks.

The major players are embracing viral buzz to:

Build their lists!

Generate leads!

Boost brand awareness!

And increase sales!

With little or no advertising…

“Proven, age-old marketing strategy”?

Viral Marketing (as well as “referral marketing”) is simply “word-of-mouth advertising”, taken to the next level.

Word-of-mouth has been around since Roman times and has survived every paradigm shift in advertising through the ages.

Let's just say, it's not going anywhere.

Best of all... it's usually free!

Research shows:

  • 7x

    People trust recommendations from friends and family seven times more than traditional advertising.

  • 92%

    Globally, 92% of consumers trust referrals and/or recommendations from friends/family above all other forms of advertising.

  • 16%

    Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than customers acquired via other means, and they're more loyal!

Sources: Wharton School of Business (2010), Nielsen, (2012)

How It Works in the Modern World.

Here's a basic illustration...



It's obvious that viral marketing is here to stay.

In fact, with the rising tide of social media, there just seems to be more of it happening everyday...

How Dropbox Used Referral Marketing
To Create a 3900% Turnaround:

Dropbox was virtually unknown beyond “tech-nerd” circles a couple short years ago. Now they’re a data management powerhouse valued at over $10 Billion and growing!

Like many others, they dumped millions of dollars in large-scale advertising…

Like many others, they fell flat on their face.

So, management stopped burning money on expensive ads and let users do the promoting for them...

By offering them more storage space in return for referrals.

Classic Viral Marketing in Action!

The company rocketed from 100,000 users to over 4 million users in just 15 months - a growth rate of over 3900%! With virtually NO advertising budget to speak of.

They’re not the only ones either.

Many other brands you know, like Airbnb and Uber, have become household names using large-scale viral or referral campaigns too.

(And they’re all growing rich while others complain the easy “dot com” days are finished…)

But Can the “Little Guy”
Make This Kind of Noise?

Look, it’s really hard to “guess” what will go viral and what won’t…

The big players drop huge budgets on staff, developers, and infrastructure – and keep “whacking at it” until something gives.

Fully testing campaigns before scaling up. Unafraid to lose because they have the money to play with (and because payoffs are so big).

You don’t have that luxury.

Pricey campaigns with no certain return? You’ll destroy your entire marketing budget if you’re not careful.

That’s About to Change.

It’s time to discover….

UpViral is a complete, dynamic web-based solution and referral formula that handles every aspect of viral marketing.

Making it cheap and easy to build highly profitable marketing campaigns that leverage your visitors so your traffic compounds over time!

No need to be a social marketing expert!

No need to hire, train, and manage staff!

No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on complicated marketing tools and apps!

Now anyone can launch a professional and effective campaign from any computer, tablet or mobile device… in just five minutes!

Get All the Tools You Need to Build Compounding Viral Campaigns!

  • Easily Run Viral Giveaways


    Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friends!

  • Easily Run Viral Contests & Sweepstakes


    Put on a contest to promote your site, service or product via all social media channels in as little as 5 minutes!

  • Easily Run Viral Product Launches


    Create a promotional campaign that will bring you massive numbers of qualified leads – with little or no advertising needed!

  • Easily Integrates With Your Existing Funnels and Tools


    Just insert a snippet of code and UpViral integrates with your existing autoresponder, landing pages, templates and more!

  • Run Campaigns From Any Location


    Nothing to download or install, use via any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!


Hey Fellow Entrepreneur,

As a full-time online marketer since the age of 16, I've done everything from selling sunglasses to developing and marketing sophisticated software.

And if it's one thing that I've come to understand in my decade-plus long career, it's this...

Traffic is critical
to success.

Because without quality, targeted traffic, you might as well just go outside and set up a lemonade stand...

I’ve always viewed online marketing as a long-term career, but early on I realized that keeping the dream alive required constantly evolving my traffic strategy to generate the leads and customers I needed to stay profitable.

You’ve heard the same story a thousand times, I’m sure. Every time I started getting consistent SEO results, Google would make some mysterious algorithm change and just cancel it out. Sending my sites back to the bottom of the search results.

Or there was the time I was profiting from Adwords paid traffic and they shut down my account out of the blue for some unintentional policy violation…without even bothering to contact me. Man, was it frustrating!

And it just seemed to get harder every year!

I had to do things differently.

No more putting all my eggs in one basket. No more depending on risky ad spends and shaky search engine updates.

Inspired by Dropbox’s success, I decided to give viral marketing a closer look…and the more I learned about it, the more it made sense.

Not only did this marketing approach drive free traffic, it was also the most profitable kind of traffic.

Especially when you consider that consumers worldwide trust personal recommendations by friends and family far more than they ever could advertising...

After doing a ton of research, I set up a simple test.

I created a two-page site with a basic opt-in form and gave subscribers an invitation link to share with their friends, promising early access to a product I was preparing to launch if they spread the word.

My hope was the tactic would get at least a few people to share and land a few more leads for the launch.

And as they say, the rest is history!

Sure, I was hoping that this tactic would get at least a few people to share it and get me a few more leads for my product launch. But what actually happened floored me.

People took the deal and ran with it.

They promoted their links everywhere they could...

On Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs... you name it!

The results were in a word... phenomenal.

Listen, I can’t even begin to describe the sense of relief I felt when I finally broke out of the discouraging traffic sinkhole. And I take great pride in what we’ve created because it gives other marketers that same sense of relief each and every day...

I hope you can join us on our viral marketing journey and claim that same feeling for yourself too.


Get Instant Access to Upviral

Why did this work so well?

The Secret to Perpetual Traffic Is a Little Formula Called “The Viral Loop.”

(And it lies at the core of how UpViral grows your business.)

1. People opt-in to your viral giveaway or contest.

2. UpViral combines a unique referral invite link with structured incentives to create accountability, encourage sharing, and drive traffic.

3.Shares are automatically tracked, giving you the power to create contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways that reward visitors the more they spread the word.

4.The system guides your visitors for you by emailing reminders, setting goals, and providing ongoing incentives to ensure they stay on track and deliver.

5.Then, the system takes off on its own and becomes a perpetual source of new leads that compounds over time!

So, you start with a small initial group of subscribers.

The system gets them sharing.

The process repeats with each person... over and over again.

End result?

Exponential traffic growth – 20 visitors become 100 visitors… 100 visitors become 500 visitors… and so on...

Check Out These Case Studies in Action!

Case Study #1: 310,931 Visitors

Just a few months back, I set up a campaign to promote a simple Twitter tool. In order to get access, all visitors had to do was invite five friends to sign up too.

I used Facebook ads to send 385 visitors to the offer page, resulting in 13,200 email subscribers (and counting).

Because these people are actively sharing the offer, and their friends are doing the same thing, the number of signups continues to exponentially increase.

As you can see, I'm still gathering new leads and shares every single hour of every day!

And it all started with a tiny one-time Facebook ad!

Case Study #2: 69,072 Visitors

Last December I was releasing a tool called ConnectLeads. In order to get more customers, I created a "pre-launch sequence" by releasing 3 free videos.

In addition I recorded a 4th video which was to be unlocked by getting 3 friends to subscribe.

The result?

16,653 Free Email Subscribers in a highly competitive (and expensive) market!

Our Clients are Knocking it Out
Of the Park with UpViral Too…

From beginners to some of the best marketers we know in the business, there are countless case-studies that have used UpViral, all with incredible success!

"We collected over 100,000 new subscribers in our first month"

Soon after Matthew Longley - one of our UpViral customers - started using UpViral, he sent us the following email:

"We gathered 20.000 leads in 14 days! I have used a lot of contest/giveaway software but this is by far the best I have ever seen. Thanks for this awesome product."

A few weeks later we checked in on him again, and learned that he had already collected over 100,000 new subscribers - just by doing UpViral contests!

For that reason we invited him on the call to share his experience.

Testimonial Matthew from Wilco de Kreij on Vimeo.

"We used UpViral to promote our congress (local event) and the results were... shocking. We got...

...more than 9000 leads through this tool in two weeks!
We will definitely use UpViral for our other projects in the future. Thanks a lot for this tool!"

Paul Kutilin, Austria
"I HAVE to tell you how impressed I am with UpViral! After I was one of your videos I decided to give it a try.

The results? Well... Ten minutes after publishing the link at Facebook, I received... 20 new leads. Now, I have got...

...718 leads with ONE campaign! Wow!!

I'm going to focus on this to make it rise even more!


Aldo Novak, Brazil

“I was looking for a way to run an online contest that did not simply ‘stop’ at the first point of contact. I looked at several different systems, but they all missed the key point that UpViral did not.

That is you need to encourage people to share the campaign for the benefit of all parties. If you don’t do this, there is no incentive for participants to share it and the campaign will rapidly grind to a halt.

My first campaign began collecting leads straight away.

Two weeks in I'm already at 500+ subscribers!

Simply put, it works. Whilst UpViral is still in its infancy it is already leaps and bounds ahead of all other applications I considered."

Joel Coleman, United States

"I had the privilege to be one of the beta testers of Upviral. So far...

... I've already added 450 leads to my account.
This may not seem like a lot, but I am a newbie with this and by no means a Facebook guru.

Getting 450 from my small niche websites is a LOT harder, so I will definitely continue building my list using UpViral!

You have a fan Wilco and I am sure other people will love Upviral too. Keep up the good work!"

Judy Jong, The Netherlands
"31 high-end leads within 48 hours... super, especially at such a low cost and ease of use. Lots of potential with this one!"

Rob Pinion

"I didn't really know the power of referrals until i started using Upviral. A campaign that i ran for 5 days bought in an...

...additional 1500 shares, resulting in hundreds of extra leads...
...that I wouldn't have got if i wasn't using Upviral. This really works and is definitely one of the best free viral ways to get more targeted leads, traffic and sales to your business."

Mo Miah

"Just wanted to say you are a genius and I am loving your class so far. Just wanted to let you know that your information is incredible and your presentation is great as well. I can't wait to implement this tool in our businesses. "

Andy Frye

"UpViral has proven to be the simple, effective and affordable viral contest app we were looking for. It's helped us build a...

...responsive 30,000+ list in a new market in less than six months."

Michael Cooch

"I have found Upviral is more effective than any other giveaway software/platform I've tried. Its my "go-to" lead collecting tool for all my giveaways.

Its so versatile, with so many options, I'm still playing with it to learn new ways to use it.

To date, I've...

...collected well over 15,000 leads with Upviral."

Travis Luedke

"I had used several plugins and giveaway software in the past but none of them are comparable to Upviral. This is definitely one of the BEST investment I had made to Gracious Watch. I grew my subscribers to...

...over 10,000 subscribers in just a few short months...
...and received many emails from my readers for organising such an interesting and fun giveaway"

Jeremiah Say, Gracious Watch

"We have started up viral operations in December 2015. I received approx...

...17,000 visitors in the first 7 days - much more than I planned!

There onward the speed slowed to approx 1100 signups and later to 700 signups daily. The best part was that the users were sharing my website by approx 3 shares per visitor.

Thanks for helping me out in running my viral campaigns. I have recommended UpViral to my friends also!"

Nandu Singh

"UpViral rocks! We spent a little less than €200 on ad spend to promote our UpViral giveaway,...

...resulting in 4,339 subscribers and €16.320,- in revenue...
...within 6 weeks (and from there it kept on going). Been using it ever since!"

Nikolai Leuveld

UpViral Turns Anyone Into a Viral Marketing
Machine – Regardless of Budget, in Minutes!

Check out the demo video!

Get Instant Access To UpViral At The Lowest Price!

Get Instant Access To UpViral

Let's take a peek at what's inside your account..

Manage All Campaigns Via One Easy-to-Use Dashboard!

Intuitive, user-friendly design that will have you creating campaigns in minutes.

Best of all, with no learning curve!

Pre-Made, Professional Templates

Dozens of customizable landing pages, graphics and more are ready to use – for virtually any market or niche. Just point and click to build winning landing pages and pop-ups... effortlessly!

hosted arrow step2_share

Easy Integration Into Your Existing Websites and Tools

No need to overhaul your existing sites, landing pages and other tools to use UpViral.

Just paste in a few snippets of code and you're ready to rock!

integrated_darkerarrow step2_integrate

Fully-Customizable Referral Link System

  • Use points-based system (example: reward visitors based on number of referrals)
  • Generates unique referral invite links
  • Full control over type and number of points given per action (visits, leads or shares)
  • Offer extra incentives for sharing (regardless of other actions)

Highly Customizable Rewards System

  • Provide automatic goal-based rewards (example: reward visitors for sharing on FB)
  • Provide multiple rewards based on points accumulated or goals met
  • Provide download-able files, links, even instant discount coupons as incentives/rewards
  • All points, rewards and incentives are fully-automated per desired settings - (No admin required!)

Easy Setup/Administration For Contest Promotions

  • Manual or automatic winner selection
  • Easy scheduling to manage multiple contests
  • Automated prize notification and awarding
  • Additional custom sharing opportunities for contestants

Powerful, Fully Customizable Social Sharing Features

  • Easily customize and control how people share their links
  • FB newsfeed optimization to increase referral tracking
  • Rich-tweet capabilities built-in
  • Complete control over appearance and display of posts
  • User-selected options that make sharing easy!

Easy Integration With All Major Autoresponders

  • UpViral works natively with all the major services!
  • Send personalized follow-up mails with referral links directly via the autoresponder
  • Real-time analytics to track click rates, open rates as well as number of referrals!
  • NEW: Deep integration with advanced tagging & segmentation features.

Powerful Automated Security, Metrics and Analytical Tools

  • Auto fraud detection via cookies and IP tracking with reporting – eliminates cheating!
  • Easily track performance of all your campaigns
  • Manage leads, view/track all activity and your top referrers/influencers!

Mobile Optimized

  • Fully-responsive display - 100% mobile-optimized!
  • Supports all smartphones and tablets - Android, IOS and Windows!

Fully Customizable Email Automation

Send timed/triggered emails based on users' actions

Add FB, Twitter and other buttons right into emails to make sharing easier!

Send multiple email triggers, proven to get you more shares per visitor

Automated alert emails that motivate visitors to their next goal

Follow-up emails make it easy for repeated sharing, again and again!

A/B Split-testing - Remove the Guesswork!

Split-test multiple lead-magnet pages to determine best opt-in rates

Split-test multiple thank-you pages to determine best sharing rates

Split-test multiple emails to determine best click/open rates

NEW: Easily Turn
CURRENT Email Lists Into
Perpetual Lead Sources!

Easily multiply your existing email list by embedding UpViral links inside your existing emails - no matter which autoresponder you're using.

By adding one-click share buttons inside the emails of your existing email list, you'll turn your subscribers into a group of people desperately to promote your site or business.


This means you can immediately use UpViral for your existing lists to start multiplying your audience and instantly create a self-sustaining, continuously-growing source of fresh leads from existing resources!

UpViral Is Compatible With All Major Autoresponders and Landing Page Systems:

Other Powerful Features and Capabilities

Easy data export via Excel or .csv formats!

Use any custom domain for referral links!

Support and complete training available via dashboard!

Works in all languages – even right-to-left languages!

Full cloning features – reuse campaign templates without starting from scratch!

More Features Continually Added!

Get Instant Access to UpViral NOW

"Before buying UpViral, I didn't know what to expect, too many marketers promise big and under-deliver.

I purchased UpViral and tried it out. UpViral has easily paid for itself if I compare its results to what I would have had to pay on Facebook to get those same leads!

Definitely a good investment."

Abdel Mussa, United Kingdom

"UpViral is a wonderful tool that enables you to reach the skies of online marketing. The results are amazing, the dashboard is user-friendly and the support is super helpful! I will definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to make an impact with their company."

Arthur Jansen, The Netherlands

How can you use UpViral to make more money?

Here are just a few of the proven ways...

If you're an internet marketer...

Do a giveaway using an ebook or digital product to generate more subscribers to your list!

If you're a PPC/Facebook marketer...

Run ad traffic to a lead magnet page set up with an UpViral referral system. Each lead can easily turn into 4 or 5 more free leads, reducing cost per lead by as much as 90% while increasing ROI by as much as 500%!

If you run a brick-and-mortar business...

Run a contest with valuable prizes – such as discount coupons, free meals, or gift cards – to get more leads or customers. A great way to build a prospect list to send future offers!

If you're an online merchant or run an e-commerce store...

Run a promotion with a discount coupon that can be redeemed at your store! You’ll build an awesome subscriber list and get tons of new customers!

When it comes to all the different ways that you can generate more traffic, leads and sales with UpViral...

...the only limit is your imagination!

Start Getting Free, Quality and Targeted Traffic – Today.

Join over 5,000 customers and start growing your business.



  • Unlimited Viral Giveaways
  • Unlimited Viral Contests
  • Unlimited Email Subscribers
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Integrations
  • Email Automation & Notifications
  • Advanced Fraud Detection
  • Export CSV
  • Email Support





  • Standard Features, Plus...
  • 3 Email Identities
  • Remove Powered By
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Retargeting Pixel Support
  • One-Click Signup/Share Links
  • A/B Split-Testing
  • Autoresponder Tagging
  • Premium Email Support
  • All our Plans Come With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Start Getting Free, Quality and Targeted Traffic – Today.

Join over 5,000 customers and start growing your business.

Monthly     Yearly



billed annually

  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • 10,000 participants
  • 1 brand





billed annually

  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • 25,000 participants
  • 3 brands
  • No UpViral branding
  • GEO targeting
  • A/B Testing
  • API + Zapier



billed annually

  • All Business Features
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • 100,000 participants
  • 10 brands
  • Premium support

  • All our Plans Come With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Get in before the next price jump

Ever since UpViral first went live our team has been working around the clock on adding new features and possibilities for our customers.

Because of the immense value we've been adding, we've increased the price numerous times already. And we're planning on increasing it even more.

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"The great thing is that Wilco is committed to make this software the best in the business and he listens to all our feature requests and bug reports. You won't believe the improvements he made the last few months.

The interface has become very user friendly what makes it really easy to set up your first campaigns. It is pretty self explanatory now and the software has become super stable and reliable."

Judy Jong, The Netherlands

"Ever wondered how all the big companies have huge lists that makes them money? Because they have the tools which cost in thousands to develop! But thanks to Wilco, even guys like me can start building huge lists!

If you're an experienced marketer or just starting out you know the money in the list., which now got a whole lot easier. With this web based application you will be building your list on steroids!

I really like the beautiful user interface dashboard and the solid support behind UpViral. Highly recommended!

In a nutshell, viral referral marketing at its best."

Faruk Barber, United Kingdom

"UpViral empowers every company to grow their user base and revenue without additional ad spend.

By turning your users into referral partners you create a viral loop where each new lead can turn into 2 and so on and so forth.

UpViral is a great tool that I'd strongly recommend to anyone with a product or service to sell! It gets big results, and just works! Thanks a lot!!"

Joe Lavery, United States

"With each purchase from Wilco, I have experienced an extremely high commitment to the quality and development of products as well as a genuine caring for the success of the customer. "

Anna Pizzoferrato, United States

"Upviral has a huge impact on 2 of my projects! On the first project I used it to build up an early bird list which got us...

...740+ leads in just 2 weeks (all organic!) with a 289.2% compound conversion rate!
When applying the same strategy to our second project it generated 1000+ leads! I highly recommend using UpViral in your business. Wilco's products are always top-notch!"

Steven vd Peijl

Our Team is Committed to
UpViral for Years to Come!

We’re making UpViral THE major player in the industry!

That’s why we constantly create more incredible features, capabilities, templates, and new ways for you to profit.

So, you only pay once, but we will continue to do everything we can to maximize your investment in UpViral!

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Get the most from UpViral with our premium 12-video training series.


Hosted by UpViral’s founder and creator, all 12 lessons are stuffed with gold nuggets designed to save you time and money by giving you the powerful tools you need to maximize your campaigns!

This is an intensive training program you don’t want to miss!

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This bonus arms you with two thorough case study breakdowns straight from Wilco, the founder of UpViral.

Case Study #1:

In the first impressive campaign, Wilco generated over 300,000 visitors and 13,000 subscribers!


Case Study #2:

In this campaign, Wilco got 70,000 visitors and 16,000 subscribers!


Note: Both of these successes were in the IM niche, the most highly competitive and expensive market on the web…He’ll tell you exactly how he did it so you too can leverage his strategies to generate leads in whatever niche you choose!

(a $97 value)




You’ll also get access to an exclusive 30-minute interview of one customer who used UpViral to accumulate 100,000+ email subscribers within 30 days! He shares the steps he took to do it with you here, so you can get off to a running start and report similar results when you use UpViral to market your business!

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Making your contests and giveaways go wildly viral requires the right incentives or prizes. That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this detailed visual guide. You’ll learn exactly what to give away for maximum results – with various practical examples that work across every niche and market you can imagine!

(a $47 value)




Once you've set up your viral contest or giveaway, you'll want to send some initial traffic to it to get the ball rolling...

... and we've got you covered! Through experience we've carefully selected a list of 100 ways to drive instant traffic and leads to your contests & giveaways - for free!

(a $197 value)

NOTE: These bonuses are only available for a limited time.

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All our Plans Come With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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