Learn how to put Facebook Lead Ads on steroids by turning them into Viral Contests and Giveaways

Watch the video below to see how to integrate UpViral into Facebook Lead Ads (using ConnectLeads).

Run powerful campaigns inside Facebook Lead Ads by combining…

Taking Lead Generation on Facebook To Entirely New Levels!

It’s now possible to collect subscribers on Facebook by just clicking on your message – directly inside Facebook!

They don’t need to type in anything at all.. They simply click on your Facebook Lead Ad and Facebook fills out all the information for them.

Not yet familiar with how they work?

Thanks to ConnectLeads, getting Facebook
to pay off for your business is easier than ever!

Unfortunately there is no way to get the fresh captured leads from Facebook Lead Ads into your autoresponder automatically… making them virtually unusable.

That’s where ConnectLeads comes in!

ConnectLeads handles everything involved in getting new subscribers added to your autoresponder from your Facebook Lead Ads, with no delays.

Get higher quality leads…
for a lower cost!

With FB Lead Ads, no landing pages are needed. You can easily request information from the user directly via what FB already has for them on their database. Geo location, occupation, interests, and more.

Since users respond to your ad via two easy taps, conversions are significantly higher than standard opt-in forms. This means higher relevance scores on your ads by FB and lower CPL!

And now… Turn Every 5 Leads Into 20,000+ Free Subscribers!

That’s right – it’s now possible to integrate ConnectLeads with UpViral – meaning you can use your Facebook Lead Ads into viral contests and giveaways!

Every time someone enters your Lead Ad, they’ll get their own unique invite link with an incentive to invite others!

This will put your Facebook Lead Ads… on viral steroids!

Start Getting More Subscribers Today!