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Here’s How to Submit your Review on iTunes

First of all, thanks for considering to review our podcast! We really-REALLY appreciate that (a LOT)!
Below you’ll find the simple steps to submit your review in iTunes for our Uncensored Growth podcast. Your review will help us stand out in the iTunes app store, which is why it’s a big deal for us.
Leaving a review on iTunes is quick and simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

Step 1 – Go to our Podcast

Click on the button below to open our podcast inside of the iTunes app store.

Open our Podcast Page

Step 2 – Open our Podcast using iTunes

Click on the “View in iTunes” button to open our podcast using iTunes.
Note: iOS devices automatically open the link from step 1 using iTunes, meaning you can ignore this step.

A red arrow labeled Click Here pointing to a View in iTunes blue button.

Step 3 – Subscribe to our Podcast

Make sure to hit the “Subscribe” button so you’ll be updated on future episodes.

A red arrow pointing to a Subscribe button.

Step 4 – Click on “Ratings and Reviews”

When you are on the Podcast page, you will see “Ratings and Reviews” button. Click on it and it will open up an add a review window.

A red arrow pointing to a Ratings and Reviews button.

Step 5 – Provide your Rating for the Podcast

Now based on what you feel (on the quality of content / information in the Podcast), provide a Star Rating on the Podcast. You can select any rating from 1 to 5, where 1 is the worst and 5 being the best.

Five yellow stars.

Step 6 – Click “Write a Review” and enter provide a brief review of our podcast

Now first enter a title of the review, followed by a brief and few sentences about your feedback on the Podcast.

A red arrow pointing to a review form with title and review fields.

Step 7 – Submit your Review

Once you are done with your review click the Submit button and your feedback will be added to the Podcast.

Thanks a ton!!
– Wilco de Kreij