Case Study: $38,458 in Sales Using An UpViral Pre-Launch

We already know that viral giveaways are incredibly effective to build up large email lists, but how effective is it to drive more sales?

Recently Karl Schuckert & Chase Bowers put it to the test by using UpViral when he launched ShopifiedApp, a new Shopify dropshipping application.

So… was this effective? You bet! 

Let’s dive into the case study so you can see exactly what steps they took – and what the results were.

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Creating buzz using UpViral

The key objective behind the Pre-Launch activities was to build up buzz and a list as quickly and cheaply as possible.

To start off they created a Pre-Launch campaign using UpViral. This campaign was broken into three phases:

A – Build a waiting list prior to the launch.

B – Leverage that list once the product went live.

C – Run another UpViral campaign during launch.

Phase A: Build a Pre-Launch Waiting List

The idea behind building their email list was simple. They created an opt-in page where people could join their waiting list – so they would be the first to know once the new app would be available.


Once signed up, they were given the possibility to get early beta access… before anyone else would get access.

In order to get early access, they would need to get 3 of their friends to sign up as well – using their own unique invite link.

Since they signed up to join the waiting list of this new app, it’s clear that they want to get access… so rest assured they want to get early access. By keeping the threshold low (they’d only need to get 3 of their friends), this was a no-brainer for most.


From just the first 15 days of running the campaign, they were able to get 605 subscribers thanks to 231 social media shares.


That’s almost 40 leads/day without any lead acquisition cost!

Due to the viral nature of the giveaway, people shared it a lot to get their hands on them before anyone else could.

The objective of the first part of the pre-launch campaign was to build a buzz around the product and gather a list of people that are highly likely to use the software and later convert into paid customers.

It’s safe to say, they succeeded!

Phase B : Turning The List Into Sales

From all the leads they grabbed during the pre-launch Beta Access campaign, Karl and Chase created a sequence of nurturing emails.

All of these emails enlisted the Discount Coupon that would give all subscribers a $10 discount on the lifetime pricing of ShopifiedApp.

The email nurturing campaign on the leads gathered from UpViral helped them generate 67 extra sales worth almost $20,000 ($19,939 to be exact).

From the 605 leads they captured during the pre-launch campaign, more than 10% converted into paying customers using the Discount Coupon.


Phase C: The Post-Launch Follow-Up

After the successful pre-launch campaign, Karl decided that he would also go for a campaign during the launch.

They created a Facebook retargeting ad and targeted it to everyone who visited their sales page without making a purchase.

The goal was to get people who were on the edge of buying ShopifiedApp into their UpViral campaign, in order to “seal the deal”.

Below you’ll see the Carousel & Video Ads they ran during the campaign:


When a person clicked on the ad, they were redirected to the campaign where they were offered a chance to get the tool for free.

When they entered their email address, they immediately got access to a free Chrome Extension – along with the option to get a $10 discount on ShopifiedAp… if they would get 3 of their friends to sign up.


Following the success of the pre-launch campaign, Karl and Chase fired up another series of emails to the leads, along with the $10 discount coupons.

This time around they were able to sneak in another 62 sales worth $18,500.


This campaign was another success for Karl and it helped them repeat the success of their pre-launch campaign.

Overall Results

Altogether, it’s safe to say the campaign was a success. They started off great with the pre-launch campaign that helped them build a waiting list before the ShopifiedApp went live. They then repeated a similar campaign during the launch, to keep the buzz and leads coming in.

Altogether they generated a total of $38,458 in sales from these 2 UpViral campaigns!

Because they used unique coupon codes for these subscribers, they were able to track exactly how many sales they accounted for.

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