If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an online entrepreneur, it’s this…

    That’s why I spent 15+ years mastering traffic generation.

    I’ve helped 20,000+ clients take their business to new heights by helping them grow massive email lists. You may know some of my clients, such as Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, and many others.

    No, no… This isn’t one of those “overnight success stories”. Far from it, actually!

    I remember googling “how to get traffic to my site” over and over again. I tried ALL kinds of methods, only to be disappointed every time I checked Google Analytics.

    Nothing seemed to work, but I wasn’t going to give up easily.

    I kept trying

    Which worked. For a while…

    In 2007, I got pretty good at SEO, which got me thousands of daily visitors. I felt as if I had it made….. Until Google rolled out an algorithm update which de-indexed my website. All my traffic–poof!–GONE

    Back to zero

    I then started studying paid ads. In 2009/2010, I got pretty good at Google Adwords, until – you guessed it – they shut down my account.

    Back to zero – round two 

    I had to do things differently.

    No more being dependant on 3rd parties like Facebook™ or Google.

    I needed an unlimited traffic source that can generate high quality leads and sales for years to come.

    That’s when it hit me… this actually exists, I just didn’t realise it yet.

    I quickly started an experiment to see how well this worked.

    “Viral Hacking”, is what I called it.

    This experiment… exploded!

    Within no time, I got thousands upon thousands of email subscribers, all without spending a dime on ads.

    At first, I thought I “got lucky”.

    After all… if it’s too good to be true, it must be fake – right? That’s what I thought at the time.

    So I tested it again. The result?

    All within the first 30 days of a brand-new site in a VERY competitive market.

    And best of all…

    This traffic source cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be taken down by some 3rd partyThere isn’t an algorithm update or policy change that could shut this down.

     The leads are easier to convert compared to any other traffic source (they’ll trust you more).

     They have a 16% higher lifetime value compared to paid traffic sources, and they’re more loyal!

    That’s why I fell in with this list building strategy.

    The old way involved scrambling to get SOME traffic… always at the mercy of platform updates, hoping I could keep my traffic. The leads I got were average-quality at best.

    The new way means getting MASSIVE amounts of free traffic… without relying on any risky platform. It’s also converting into much higher-quality leads to actually grow my business!

    My business has never been the same.

    At this point, you may think…

    “If this is THAT good… why doesn’t everyone do this?”

    Quite frankly, because not many people know about this strategy.

    Some do, though.

    There’s a good reason why mostly big companies use this.

    For people like you and I, it simply wasn’t possible to use this…

    … until recently.

    (Right now it’s REALLY easy, as I’ll show you on this free training).

    Take Joe, for example.

    In the first 2 days of trying this out, he collected a whopping 27k leads:

    And there’s many more like him.

    Matthew: 114k leads in 30 days.

    Michael: 30k leads in a new market.

    Troy: 208k leads in 30 days.

    Even Tim Ferris (author of The 4-Hour Workweek) wrote about how this strategy resulted in 100k email subscribers in ONE week.

    Once I discovered how effective this strategy is, I had two options:

    Option 1: Keep this to myself and exploit the heck out of it.

    Option 2: Reveal this strategy to others as well.

    Although I initially went for option 1 (I mean… who wouldn’t?!), I realised shared fun is double fun…

    That’s why I’m putting together a free online training to show you step-by-step how to leverage this traffic strategy as well (it’s actually really easy once you know how).

    On the training, I’ll also show you a couple of cool tricks:

    The most impactful line of code you can add to your pages to grow your business (most businesses don’t)

    How to double your opt-in conversion rates with a small tweak

    How to start an email list in any niche without any existing traffic, a website or even a lead magnet

    During the training, I won’t be holding ANYTHING back.

    Here’s what people said the last time I held this training session (which was just PART of what I’m about to show to you):

    I’ll show you step-by-step how to get a massive audience onto your email list using this strategy (including detailed case studies).

    That’s not all, though.

    In case you don’t “get it” yet, I’m really trying to over-deliver here!

    Over the last 6 months, my team and I have been working on a custom-built tool to make our email marketing a LOT more profitable.

    I’ve decided to give this tool to you – for free.

    All you need to do is show up to the training.

    There’s just one “catch” (which really isn’t a catch). I’m asking you to pay attention during the training as I’m putting a LOT of time & energy into this. I’ll share the access link somewhere during the training

    (No, we’re not even selling this tool just yet… which means the only way to get access is by showing up to the training).

    That’s not how I want our relationship to start, though.

    That’s why I’m inviting you to join me on this free training session. As a bonus, you’ll even get our custom-built tool at no cost.

    All I’m asking in return is your name & email address.

    Is it smart I’m revealing all of this for free? I’m not sure yet… but at least this once I’m doing this training at no cost, so feel free to take advantage.

    Is it smart to reveal all of this for free? I’m not sure yet… so feel free to take advantage of this free session before I change my mind

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