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The Classic 'Product Launch Formula'  Tweak that Makes My Campaigns Go Viral…

(And Also Saves Me a Ton on Paid Traffic!)

My name is Wilco de Kreij.

I'm a marketing expert and software platform owner who has been running online businesses since I was 16. I've been featured in,

Over the years, I've found that the biggest problem for anyone launching a product or service is how to generate buzz and excitement ahead of their launch.

Because if you can't generate engagement before releasing a product or service it's almost impossible to reach the revenue goals needed to be in profit.

And that's a real shame after going through all the effort to create a new product or service!

That's why many product launchers have turned to Jeff Walker's classic "Product Launch Formula (PLF)" to promote their launches.

But if not, here's a refresher.

PLF has three parts:

  • Send traffic from an opt-in page to watch a valuable video.
  • Send two more videos to that subscriber over the next few days.
  • Use the engagement and leverage generated by those videos to present your new offer following the last video.

And this same system has been used for years by thousands of marketers to build momentum and excitement for product launches.

Why? Because it still flat out works!

But the only thing that holds back some business owners from using the PLF system is this:

It works better if you have some room in your budget to pay for traffic.

And businesses with new offers have often already spent a bundle developing that new product or service….and don't have a lot of money left in their budget to play with.

So I set out to find a way to make the PLF formula work with a low (or zero dollar) ad budget.

My Game-Changing Tweak to the
Classic PLF

I call my special tweak to the classic PLF method Viral Launch's how it works.

Every time a visitor watches a product launch video, they have an opportunity to refer their friends to sign up for the campaign. Each referral earns the original visitor points towards unlocking a valuable prize.

In other words...the more friends you refer...the more points earned…

The more incentive visitors have to share the campaign!

And that means that business owners can build up huge audiences for their product launches with that free traffic.


Plus massively engaged audiences ready, willing, and eager to purchase their new offers!

Viral Launch Formula works without needing:
  • Huge budgets for paid traffic (a small budget for ads can help jumpstart a VLF campaign - but isn't required)
  • A lot of technical experience (VLF isn't just for geeks)
  • Prior product launch experience (new product launcher friendly)
  • Hundreds of tedious hours spent to set up a VLF campaign
  • Big email lists or social media pages with thousands of followers

And here's proof!

Watch My Viral Launch Formula
Case Study

I've used my Viral Launch Formula method for some of my own best product launches

Watch the short video below that walks through how Viral Launch Formula helped me score 16,653 free leads in a hyper-competitive market.

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What People Are Saying About Viral Launch Formula

Some of my happiest and most successful customers have used my Viral Launch Formula strategies for their own launches that crushed it.
Here's what they had to say about the course:

"Wilco this course is powerful, and exactly what I was missing! Not only did it help me to set up my campaign, it's helping me get the most out of it."
Ivana Bosnjak

"I need to watch this training every time I do a new campaign. Very helpful to get into the science of why people share and promote your solutions."
Daniel Koren

"Viral Launch Formula covers how to approach a campaign and what to consider from A to Z. Extremely comprehensive covering all aspects of a successful campaign."
Michael Bulger

"Wilco's training style is thorough and genuine. He packs in value so thickly that you're hanging on the edge of your seat to catch it as it comes."
Jackie Mcmillan

“Wilco always goes above and beyond with his training. This course leaves no stone unturned and reveals in great detail how to best implement the steps for creating successful viral campaigns.”
Gulf Coast realty
And I'm ready to let the cat out of the bag, and show other business owners big and small alike how to create a viral product launch of their own…
For a limited time, I'm offering my Viral Launch Formula training 100% free to business owners who want to draw massive attention to their product and service launches...without dropping a bundle on paid traffic!

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 Wilco de Kreij.
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