How To Ethically "Hijack" Human Nature And Consistently Attract Waves Of High-Quality Leads... Even If You Don't Spend A Dime On Advertising

( How Does 17,026 New Leads From Just 416 Visitors Sound? )


On this training, you will learn:

  • The fastest, most effective list building strategy you'll ever encounter.
  • Get more exposure & branding than any "common" traffic strategy could.
  • A simple on-page tweak to double your conversion (few people know about this)

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Presented By: Wilco de Kreij

Here's what previous attendees said...

"I got more than 45,000 leads in a week, and 90,000 after 14 days. Amazing! Thanks Wilco!"


"This has by far been the most successful campaign to get subscribers for me since I launched my brand. Thanks Wilco!"

annie le
United States

"Wilco I could never thank you enough. Thanks for Rock’n Roll… or better “Leads & Roll”! 27K leads in 2 days."

joe di siena

"Wilco, your system works and I was up and running in less than an hour! Just wanted to say Thank You!"

phil kasik
United States

"It brought in so many new customers that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to support them. Viral campaigns work!"

bradley waldrop
United States

"The exposure and the ROI was x5000 more than the time and money we put into it. Thanks Wilco!"

todd spears
United States

On this training, you will learn:

  • The fastest, most effective list building strategy you'll ever encounter.
  • Get more exposure & branding than any "common" traffic strategy could.
  • A simple on-page tweak to double your conversion (few people know about this)

First, let's get clear
on what this is NOT

This is NOT something
you’ve seen before.

This doesn’t have anything to do with all the common traffic strategies like FB Ads, PPC, SEO, PR, Instagram, etc - none of that. This is a strategy that’s still very much untapped since not many people know about it.

This is NOT a pitch for a course.

Unlike most of the so-called “free training”, this isn’t a pitch for a course. That’s why I’m able to put all the best things in the workshop itself (step-by-step blueprint, examples to copy, etc) so you can dive right in. At the end, I will show you something I’ve created, which is completely optional.

This is NOT for everyone.

If you’re looking for “simply click one button” trickery (or whatever fake gurus claim), this is not for you. This is for people who are willing to put in work to gain results. I’ll show you the exact steps to take, but it won’t work unless you take action.

This is NOT available forever.

As much as I’d like to let everyone in… I won’t. As long as this page is up, you can join the training. Once the page is gone, it’s gone.

Now that that’s clear… let me tell you how I stumbled upon this strategy.


Before I Built Multiple 7-Figure Businesses, I Struggled To Get ANY Traction Online

Some call me a “Marketing Ninja” after seeing me create massive exposure for my businesses in a short amount of time… but frankly, why should you care?

You’re here to grow your audience & email list faster using what I’m about to reveal.

Over the last few years, I’ve helped 10,000+ clients get more traffic without them having to spend a dime on ads. You may know some of my clients, such as Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Nicholas Kusmich and many others.


No, no… This isn’t one of those “overnight success stories”. Far from it, actually!

Over the past 15 years, I tested pretty much every traffic strategy there is…

My experience in a nutshell?

  • SEO is hard, slow… and worst of all, rankings can disappear overnight (thanks again, Google!)
  • Press Releases only generate traffic for 2-3 days, which rarely converts into actual customers.
  • Content Marketing takes a lot of time and energy to get it to work. Usually, it takes at least 6-12 months to get any meaningful results.
  • Paid Ads are getting more expensive every day, making it harder for businesses to make any profit on it.

In short....

I needed a traffic strategy that's....

  • - fast to deploy (traffic from day 1)...
  • - doesn’t cost me a dime (no need to run ads), and...
  • - will work for years (can’t be shut down by any algorithm update)

My first question was… Is that realistic? Does that even exist?

For a few years, I thought it wasn’t...

… until I discovered the strategy I’m about to reveal to you on this training.

At first, I started an experiment to see how well this worked.

This experiment… exploded!

Within a few weeks, I got thousands of email subscribers without spending a dime on ads!

At first, I thought I “got lucky”.

After all… if it’s too good to be true, it probably is – right? That’s what I thought at the time.

So I tested it again.

The result


All within the first 30 days of a brand-new site in a VERY competitive market.

Although that’s impressive, here’s the real reason why this is better than anything else I’ve seen...

  • It’s free (no need to spend a dime on ads).
  • It’s future proof (once the gates are open, leads will keep coming in).
  • It’s fast (no need to wait weeks or even months to get results).
  • It’s converting (people already trust this traffic source, resulting in higher conversions and more loyal customers).
  • It’s branding (besides building your list, it’s one of the most effective ways to build a brand in your audiences’ mind).

Best of all, this works across any market, industry & country.

Once I discovered how effective this strategy is, I had two options:

Option 1: Keep this to myself and exploit the heck out of it.

Option 2: Reveal this strategy to others as well.

Although I initially went for option 1 (I mean… who wouldn’t?!), I realized shared fun is double fun…

… so I let a selected group of people “in” on this strategy.

Every time I share this, it works like clockwork.

Take Joe, for example.

A few days after I explained how it works, he sent me this:


Next, I shared it with Dinh. Here’s what he said:


And many more like him.

Matthew Longley? 114k leads.

Michael Cooch? 30k leads.

Gabe Schillinger? 42k leads.

The list goes on.

Even Tim Ferris (author of The 4-Hour Workweek) wrote about how this strategy resulted in 100k email subscribers in ONE week.

At this point, you may think…

“If this is THAT good… why doesn’t everyone do this?”

Quite frankly, because not many people know about this strategy.

Thát’s why it’s SO important you join this workshop. To see what the strategy is… and more importantly, to get the step-by-step roadmap to implement this in your business.

During the training, I won’t be holding ANYTHING back.

Here’s what people said the last time I held this training session:


There’s just one “catch”, though.

To learn this strategy, you have to act now.

Once I take this page down, it’s gone forever. You won’t find this training anywhere else (not for free anyway), so if you want to build up your email list… you know what to do.

yes - join this training for free!

What You'll Get In This Free WorkShop

Exactly how it all works. Unlike most webinars, this training isn’t 30% value and 70% sales pitch. I’m not hiding any of it behind a paywall – so you can grab the advantage with inside knowledge of the same strategy that fuelled explosive growth for international successes like Airbnb, Dropbox and Uber.

Helpful case studies that show this strategy at work in different (and demanding) niches – so you get a full understanding of how it translates across different “worlds” of business. I worked with over 10,000 people and watched them excel time and time again. How about 208,000 new leads in just one month, for example?

Step by step breakdown of the fastest, most effective list-building process you’ll ever encounter. Like word of mouth on steroids, it’s so effective that my initial testing brought in 17,026 email subscribers – using a brand new site in a highly competitive market, with ZERO ad spend!

Why this lead generation method is the perfect choice even if you don’t have an email list right now – and even if you don’t have a website or lead magnet. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I guarantee you’ll have a light bulb moment when you see it.

The single most impactful line of code you can add to your pages to directly grow your business. (Most of your competitors have absolutely no idea about this. Beat them to the punch.)

As a gift, every attendee will get free access to our custom-built tool to help turn leads into clients. This is something that hasn’t been released to the public yet, and you’ll get free access to it if you show up on the workshop!

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DISCLAIMER: The results stated above are my personal and clients results. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having 10+ years of experience. The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors... including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.

ABOUT THE FREE TOOL: During the training session, you will be given access to the free tool as mentioned on this page. The access link will not be delivered to your email, but will only be shown on-screen during the training to those who attend. This way, only those who attend will get access.

ABOUT THE TRAINING: At the end of the training, I’ll be making an offer for people who want to have access to a platform that will help implement what they learn on the training and more. This is completely optional. The training lasts about 90 minutes and if you don’t want the platform, you can leave without buying anything. The training will be holding nothing back and you’ll be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.

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