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Life Changing Subscribers!

"Only a couple of days left with our promo and we've now tipped over 208,000 subscribers using UpViral! Thanks again - your app has launched my business and possibly changed my life!"


"Upviral Has Easily Paid For Itself!"

"Before buying UpViral, I didn’t know what to expect, too many marketers promise big and under-deliver. I purchased UpViral and tried it out. UpViral has easily paid for itself. If I compare its results to what I would have had to pay on Facebook to get those same leads! Definitely a good investment."

United Kingdom


Responsive Leads

"UpViral has proven to be the simple, effective and affordable viral contest app we were looking for. It helped us build a responsive 30,000+ list in a new market in less than six months."


“UpViral is super cool!”


"I'm A Newbie At This!"

"I had the privilege to be on of the beta testers of UpViral... So far I've already added 450 leads to my account... This may not seem like a lot, but I am a newbie with this by no means a Facebook guru... Getting 450 from my small niche websites is a LOT harder, so I will definitely continue building my list using UpViral!... You have a fan Wilco and I am sure other people will love UpViral too... Keep up the good work!"

The Netherlands

"31 High-End Leads In 48 Hours!"

Super! Especially at such a low cost and ease of use. Lots of potential with this one!


"Nothing Compares to UpViral!"

"I've used several plugins and giveaway software in the past but none of them are comparable to UpViral... This is definitely one of the BEST investments I had made to Gracious Watch... I grew my subscribers to over 10,000 subscribers in just a few short months and received many emails from my readers for organising such an interesting and fun giveaway"

Gracious Watch

"Best Invention Since Sliced Bread!"

"Thank you Wilco and UpViral team for the WhatsApp share feature. This is the best invention since sliced bread!"


"1 Lead Per Second!"

"Right now we are hitting 1 lead per second... this is insane... 27k leads in 2 days... and to be honest I didn't believe something like this could happen... my client is going crazy! (see case study on this page)"


"740 Organic Leads in 2 Weeks!"

"UpViral has a huge impact on 2 of my projects! On the first project I used it to build up an early bird list which got us 740+ leads in just 2 weeks (all organic) with a 289.2% compound conversion rate!... When applying the same strategy to our second project it generated 1000+ leads!... I highly recommend using UpViral in your business. Wilco's products are always top-notch!"


"The Results Are Amazing!"

"UpViral is a wonderful tool that enables you to reach skies of online marketing. The results are amazing!"

The Netherlands

"9000 Leads in 2 Weeks!"

"We used UpViral to promote our congress (local event) and the results were... shocking. We got more than 9000 leads through this tool in two weeks! We will definitely use UpViral for our other projects in the future. Thanks a lot for this tool!"


"Viral Referral Marketing At Its Best!"

Thanks yo Wilco, even guys like me can start building huge lists!

United Kingdom

"UpViral Rocks!"

"UpViral Rocks! We spent a little less than €200 on ad spend to promote our UpViral giveaway, resulting in 4,339 subscribers and €16.320 in revenue within 6 weeks (and from there it kept on going). Been using it ever since!"


"I HAVE To Tell You How Impressed I Am!"

"After one of your videos I decided to give it a try. The results? Well, 10 minutes after publishing the link at Facebook, I received 20 new leads. Now, I have got 718 leads with ONE campaign! Wow!! THANK YOU!"


"Well Over 15,000 Leads!"

"I have found UpViral is more effective than any other giveaway software/platform I've tried... It's my "go-to" lead collecting tool for all my giveaways. It's so versatile, with so many options, I'm still playing with it to learn new ways to use it. To date, I've collected well over 15,000 leads with UpViral."



Visitors in 7 Days!

"We started UpViral operations in December 2015. I received approximately 17,000 visitors in the first 7 days. Much more than I planned...

There onwards the speed slowed to approximately 1100 signups and later to 700 signups daily... The best part was that the users were sharing my website by approximately 3 shares per visitor. Thanks for helping me out in running my viral campaigns. I have recommended UpViral to my friends also!"



Leads in a Week!

"Amazing! Thanks, Wilco!"


"I'm A Fan For Life!"

"I don't advocate for products, but you guys are really on to something huge here, great job!"


"Leaps & Bounds Ahead!"

"Simply put, it works. UpViral is leaps and bounds ahead of all other applications I considered. My first campaign began collecting leads straight away, 2 weeks in and I'm already at 500+ leads."

United States

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What Makes UpViral So Good?

Unlike many companies, we’ve been doing this for a while now. That’s allowed us to find out what works. Not just once, but almost every time.

It means that your success has become our success, which has helped us rebuild, and retool UpViral to create the most complete, and most user-friendly viral campaign software in the world.

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15 Success Stories You Can Use Today.

Case Study #1


See how Wilco turned 385 visitors into 13,200 leads.

Tweetlead allows users to collect leads in one click from a tweet which is desirable to online marketers looking to build a list.

It's also a highly saturated market where the cost per lead tends to well above $1/lead on average.

But that was no problem for UpViral.


Free visitors generated from 385 paid traffic visitors


Subscribers gained!

"I'm still gathering new leads and shares every single hour of every day!"


UpViral Founder

Case Study #2


See the pre-launch campaign that generated 16,653 free leads in a hyper-competitive market.

Watch raw and uncut how Wilco combined the best of Jeff Walker and Russell Brunson (also an UpViral Fan), and added UpViral to the mix to create a truly compelling viral waitlist.

Still producing leads long after the launch ended

"As you can see, people are still sharing every single day... a lot!"


UpViral Founder


Free subscribers

Case Study #3

Matt Longley

Find out how a viral campaign pro captured 114,585 Leads in just 1 Month.

Mathew is no stranger to running viral campaigns. He's been at it for almost 5 years, so you could call him a pro.

But after switching to UpViral and generating over 100,000 leads in a single month he was so impressed he asked to share his story, and his winning strategies.

"I've used a lot of contest software, but this is by far the best I've ever seen."



Subscribers in first month

Advanced tactics anyone can use.

Why shorter campaigns can be the best way to generate leads.

Case Study #4

Brad Costanzo

Find out how Brad Costanzo and his sexy heels took a new business viral.

Breaking into a heavily saturated market, where people are addicted to their favourite brand, that's a tough nut to crack.

Brad's job, in simple terms, was like trying to get the Marlboro Man to start smoking Camel Lights.

But with UpViral's help he did it.



Launched new business in hyper-competitive saturated market

"UpViral is a great way to get a lot of brand exposure for free."


Stiletto Coffee, USA

Useful e-com strategies.




Leads in 2 weeks

Case Study #5

Nicholas Kusmich

Nicholas Kusmich sold 6400 books and raised $26,000 for charity.

Despite being a long-time marketing expert with heavyweight connections like Tony Robbins and Joe Polish in his rolodex, this was Nic's first attempt at a viral campaign.

And while UpViral helped him smash his targets, this multi-part case study is as important for what went wrong, as for what went right.


Raised for charity

Quick marketing masterclass

"Everyone who needs a way to generate more leads should be using this software. It’s so easy and it works so well."


Books Sold

Case Study #6

Wilco de Kreij

How to rank a podcast at the top of iTunes in only 10 days.

If you Podcast, chances are you're hoping to draw a lot of attention. Problem is, that's what everyone with a podcast wants.

So, here's Wilco using UpViral's A/B split testing to rank a new podcast top of the iTunes charts with 6300+ downloads in only 10 days.

Ranked #1 on iTunes in multiple countries

50+ 5-star reviews in multiple countries

"As your campaign gets shared again and again, you create a viral loop that never stops."


UpViral Founder



Case Study #7

Joe Di Siena

Joe Di Siena's 230,669 leads and a half-million in sales is truly amazing.

Upviral is responsible for getting Joe 230,669 leads and over a half-million dollars in sales in just 6 days.

Of those 230,669 leads only 2,669 of them came from direct traffic. The other 228,000 came from referred traffic.

In this video Joe walks you through his incredible results.

Half a million sales in just 6-days

"If you're not using UpViral in 2018 you're losing money"



A compound conversion rate

Case Study #8


The secrets of a pre-launch that made $38,458 in sales.

Prelaunch campaigns create a massive buzz so when the product goes live everyone is queuing up to buy.

That's certainly what happened when Karl Shuckert and Chase Bower launched the ShopifiedApp.

But they went a step further, using UpViral to generate an extra $38,458 in sales.

Find out how they did it.

How to leverage a viral waitlist

How to incorporate coupon codes to track sales


In sales in just 10 days

Case Study #9

David Fraser

34,297 Leads and $300,000 in Sales. Learn how Bunkie Life went viral.

It’s great to see how a simple problem can turn into a great business.

David Fraser ran a 26-day contest for his DIY cabin business and the results speak for themselves… 6-figures in revenue from a single UpViral campaign.

More than a case study, this is a Masterpiece on Viral Marketing.


Leads in just 26 days


generated in Sales

"UpViral has a wonderful team. It has the most flexible platform at the best price. It also has a helpful Facebook community that answers your questions."


Bunkie Life Founder

The power of combining an enticing offer with a viral marketing campaign.

Case Study #10

Corey Richard

Discover how Travel Secrets VIPs gathered 520 leads in just 5 Days.

Trying to get your first few hundred email subscribers on your list? Then check out this case study from Corey Richard who kept his first contest simple, but very effective.

Thanks to his contest Corey was not only able to increase his list size, but he also leveraged the contest to grow his Facebook group.

The best part? He didn’t spend any money on marketing or ads.


Leads in 5 days

"You can see explosive growth and generate a huge list by not running ads"

corey richard

Travel Secrets VIPs

Grow your email list and your Facebook group simultaneously.

Case Study #11

Gabe Schillinger

Find out how Legion Beats got 41,985 leads and $200,000 in sales with a product launch campaign.

Aside from giveaways and sweepstakes, UpViral can also help businesses create a buzz and build massive email lists with targeted leads via Product Launch campaigns.

And that’s ultimately what Gabe Schillinger did. In just 7 days he generated 41,985 quality leads in the music industry.

How do we know these were quality leads? $200,000 in sales proves it.


Leads in just 7 days

Targeting a very specific audience that typically doesn’t spend much money.


generated in Sales

"We did the first 6-figure launch in our industry and this was only possible because of the power of UpViral"

gabe schillinger

Legion Beats CEO

Case Study #12

Rachel Ollen

How a stay-at-home mom generated 4,552 leads for her brand new e-commerce business.

If you’re in the e-commerce space you want to pay close attention to this one.

Rachel Ollen decided to launch a brand new e-commerce store and she was able to get 4,552 leads even before she officially opened her store.

To achieve this win she created an UpViral giveaway with some amazing prices her audience would love.


Leads in just two weeks

"UpViral is really user friendly and super-easy to set up. Wilco has a bunch of great training. I didn’t have anyone to help me. I’m a one-woman show and run this business by myself"

rachel ollen

E-commerce Store Owner

How to create an irresistible offer for your audience.

Case Study #13

Brett Whipp

How Shire Talk collected 841 Leads and drove 20,000 people to a local event, without spending money on ads.

Want to drive more people to your local event? Then you’ll want to read this case study.

A Christmas market in Syndey (Australia) was expecting to receive between 5,000 to 7,000 people. Yet Shire Talk was able to skyrocket the total event attendees and have 20,000 visitors.

What’s more, all the stalls at the event were sold out and the ATM machines ran out of money… what a great problem to have!


Leads collected in 13 days

"If you’re looking for a solution that allows you to collect prospects, emails, and phone numbers at the same time grow your social media, there’s no system in the market that does it better."

Brett Whipp

ShireTalk Owner

How to leverage giveaways to promote a local event

Case Study #14

Dave Statler

How Max Rhymes a children’s book series went from zero to 7,878 leads.

The #1 goal for Max Rhymes was to grow their email list and educate the market on why their books are different.

Running a giveaway through UpViral helped them achieve their goal, collecting 7,878 leads and growing their social media channels like never before.


Leads generated

+ 1,000 Facebook fans, 500 Twitter followers, 500 YouTube subscribers

How to use a giveaway to grow your email list and all your social media channels simultaneously.

"The customer actions inside UpViral was a big game-changer."

dave statler

Max Rhymes Marketing Director

Case Study #15

Drew Bartek

Learn how Groove Watersports collected +2,800 email subscribers using a viral giveaway.

Groove Watersports, a start-up aiming to increase the number of email subscribers wanted to take their list building strategy to the next level…

So they created an UpViral account and set up a campaign with their Groove Vest as the giveaway prize.

The results? 2,800 new email subscribers at the time we interviewed Drew, which increased to 3,583 shortly after.


new email subscribers

"It’s a great platform to use for referral marketing. If you’re trying to grow your lead list, it’s a cost-effective way."

Drew Bartek


How to choose a prize that resonates with the audience in your niche.