Changing Children’s Lives One Story at a Time: How Max Rhymes Went from Zero to +7,800 Leads

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There’s a Chinese proverb that goes, “If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody else.”

At its core, a successful business is really about helping others. And while there are countless problems in the world that you can solve, it’s always the problem that you’re most passionate about that works in your favor.

Recently, we spoke with Dave Statler, marketing director of Max Rhymes, who was eager to share the brand’s results with UpViral:

  • 7,878 total leads
  • 40-45% opt-in rate
  • Social media audience growth (nearly 1,000 FB fans,

How Shire Talk Got 800+ Leads and Helped Drive 20,000 People to a Local Event

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One of the best things about the internet is that it can be used to promote anything offline. It can be a physical business, a concert, community gathering, or anything you’d like to get people’s attention to.

If you’re curious to know how you can do it, we invite you to learn from Brett Whipp’s case study. Brett is an avid user of our contest platform UpViral and the owner of Shire Talk.

After running a 13-day giveaway to promote a local event in his place, he was able to get these amazing results without spending money on ads:

    34,297 Leads and $300,000 in Sales: How Bunkie Life Went Viral [Case Study]

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    It amazes me how a simple problem can turn into a GREAT BUSINESS… Because most people who start already decide that something is going make them money. They do their research, come up with a business plan, pick a niche, and create a product.

    Mark Davies of UpViral had the pleasure of speaking with David Fraser, one of our users, who was able to hack viral marketing. After running a 26-day contest using UpViral, he impressively got:

    • 34, 297 leads
    • $300,000 in sales
    • 1,998 survey participants 
    • 2,546 new Instagram followers

    And more.

    Here’s a sneak peek of his

    [Case Study] How Groove Watersports collected 2,800+ Email Subscribers Using a Viral Giveaway

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    As someone who’s about to launch a startup business, you feel like you’re training for a marathon. You’ve set your eyes on some goals, but at the same time, you hit some walls.

    You find that some techniques don’t pay dividends, so you find faster means of scaling.

    Meet Groove Watersports, a startup with a goal of growing their email list before their launch. Although they were already working to grow that list, their strategy was less efficient.

    Groove Watersports recently learned about UpViral, a platform that runs viral contests and giveaways. They decided to give it

    My Podcast Ranked In iTunes Within 10 Days By Running A Contest

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    Let me ask you a question…

    As a marketer, what is the most personal thing you can for your audience?

    One may say, “writing compelling, cornerstone content.”

    But to some who really want to expand their reach and establish a more intimate connection with their audience, they answer podcasting.

    They say that podcasting the new blogging and the new marketing for 2016 and beyond.

    But like blogging, podcasters are presented with the challenge of cutting through the noise and getting a big-time exposure.

    So how do they unleash the potential of their podcasts to go viral without tapping into other marketing strategies that don’t guarantee results?

    I leveraged a powerful method

    A Viral Strategy That Gets You 3,000 Leads In 2 Weeks [Case Study]

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    If you’ve been trying to generate more leads for a while, I’m sure you’ve come across several platforms that claim to offer you “the best” solutions.

    Join social media groups. 

    Comment on other blogs. 

    Feature your best pieces of content. 

    Host a webinar.

    Create a landing page. 

    The list goes on and on…

    Then you’re told to be patient because they say that lasting results don’t happen overnight.


    You don’t have much time on your watch to wait for something that’s uncertain.

    Then you ask: Is there any other way?

    I know this may sound too good to be true but actually there

    Case Study: $38,458 in Sales Using An UpViral Pre-Launch

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    We already know that viral giveaways are incredibly effective to build up large email lists, but how effective is it to drive more sales?

    Recently Karl Schuckert & Chase Bowers put it to the test by using UpViral when he launched ShopifiedApp, a new Shopify dropshipping application.

    So… was this effective? You bet! 

    Let’s dive into the case study so you can see exactly what steps they took – and what the results were.

    Creating buzz using UpViral

    The key objective behind the Pre-Launch activities was to build up buzz and a list as quickly and cheaply as possible.

    To start